Web Development

nfigo Software offers cost-effective Website Development solutions specifically tailored to your immediate needs and fully upgradeable to meet your future needs. We have expertise in creating all kinds of web solutions: B2B applications, B2C applications, web portals and many others with unique web designs. These Web Development solutions give you flexibility and power all at a reasonable price and within your particular fixed budget frame and make our company as your best choice.


Custom Web Development : Having considerable experience in the web development industry, we comprehend the custom requirements of our clients and meet their unique needs.

  • 100% Client Satisfaction : We not only claim it, but also fulfill it by delivering the best results to ensure complete satisfaction for clients. Our aim is to render ultimate customer satisfaction.
  • 24/7 Customer Support : We keep our clients updated with the progress of their projects via our diverse communication channels (Skype, Email, Phone).
  • Diverse Technical Competencies : We work on diverse web development platforms, technologies & have a team of efficient developers to handle specific platform according to the project requirements.
  • Flexible Hiring : Our clients are not bound to take full-time services as well also custom web development project on hourly/part-time basis as per the specific needs.
  • NDA Policy : The confidentiality of our clients’ information is maintained properly as we sign the non disclosure agreement to protect their information.



This server-side scripting language, specially created for the web development purpose, is used to build dynamic websites on the web.

Frameworks : In the web development industry, framework is a software, which is used to create apps, solutions & products. We work on diverse frameworks, such as

CodeIgniter is simple, elegant and exceptional in performance, ideal when the requirement is for a framework. It is one of the most preferred open source frameworks for developing powerful web applications.

It has always been a popular open source content management system as it is compatible with shared hosting and different versions of PHP. we have experienced team that can deliver the best of CodeIgniter programming to you.

  • Simple and easy to use solution
  • Zero configuration needed
  • No need to use the command line
  • No restrictive coding rules
  • Impressive performance
  • Simple and clear documentation
  • Compatible with various PHP solutions
  • No need to learn a templating language
  • No need for monolithic libraries as PEAR
  • Ready compatibility with hosting solutions

A current favorite for web application development, CakePHP is a choice recommended by many developers around the world. When it comes to the development and integration of websites, very few frameworks can match the features of Cake PHP. Here are a few of the features that make Cake PHP stand out.

  • Compatibility with all versions of PHP
  • Enhanced bootstrap process for increased control and performance
  • Open source license reduces development costs
  • Simpler coding process makes debugging easier and faster
  • Highly customizable elements increase the versatility of the framework

Project architecture and MVC artifacts generation for web applications through the Rapid Application Development (RAD)

  • Development of efficient applications with the help of Model-View-Controller that separates the code implementation
  • Multiple language support
  • Completely customization
  • Highly safe and salable framework
  • Helps in maintaining standard coding due to availability of robust standard libraries with less chances of own structure creation
  • Web owners can improve productivity and functionality of the website due to factors like Model-view controller, RAD and internalization

Yii Framework offer great performance for responsive website design and its very secure and professional framework. Some of the main advantages as below

  • yii-framework-by-infigosoftware-kotaModel-View-Controller (MVC) based structure
  • Best for web portals, ecommerce websites as well as Ajax based applications.
  • Ajax based widgets are available.
  • Build in authentication support
  • Avoid repetitive of codes / SQL
  • very Secure framework
  • Yii based development is so fast because it use lazy loading technique
  • Rapid development and easier to maintain

Laravel Application Development is the most famous PHP framework, which is in demand by enterprises of all sorts. Laravel provides fast development speed with extension ability, which makes it effective for development of web apps.

  • Keeps all SQL codes in separate model files
  • Comes in built in tools for security
  • Its instinctive modular packaging systems saves time
  • Making Set-up and customization process is easy
  • Pre-Enabled Tools for security
  • Contains Unit Testing to avoid different regressions

Expression Engine is an open source Content Management System which is flexible and rich in features. Expression engine is one of the most reliable content management systems which is used by thousands of people for developing simple web application, blogs, portals to ecommerce websites. In recent years Expression engine has become the best weblog publishing system with its powerful features. Expression Engine Development is available in free and commercial versions.

  • Flexible design architecture
  • Search engine friendly
  • Browser-based control panel
  • Supports wide variety of media
  • Extensible core development framework

PHP CMS( open-source-development ) : Our versatile open source web development services include

Today WordPress is the most preferred CMS for website and blog development. This is an open-source CMS based on PHP that lets you create websites with attractive design and rich features with ease and affordability. You can say WordPress is a easy Content Managing  System.

We are offered to create a secure, responsive, and SEO-friendly website designs in the latest WordPress technology that allows you to update or customize your site easily with the use of widgets, columns, and multiple page layouts. we create PSD to WordPress Theme Conversion and customization. We offer out-of-the-box WordPress theme solutions that bring the best out of your business.

What We do ?

  • Theme & Template Development and Design
  • Website and Web-page Design & Development
  • Plugins & Module Development
  • E-commerce Integration
  • Website Re-design & Maintenance
  • Migration Others to WordPress

Why choose Magento? Just ask our customers. The world’s biggest brands love Magento for its flexibility, To start an online e-commerce business, you need to have a bug-free online store that is the ability to reduce cart abandonment at the same time and able to manage large amount of visitors at a single time.

What We do ?

We know that eCommerce is all about having a plan & strategic solution to sell online and fulfilling your target from objectives.

  • Build with Magento commerce, spree commerce, ruby on rails, get your ebay store designed to sell more, or use any other platform you love.
  • Your store comes with various sign up alternatives, per-integrated with payment methods and everything that’s required to gain trust of your customers.
  • Magento website design & development
  • Magento theme customization
  • Magento framework
  • Magento integration with 3rd party applications
  • Magento performance optimization
  • Turnkey e-commerce solutions

Joomla is most widely used for developing news portals, corporate websites, social networking websites and online forums. But the flexibility and scalability of it does not end there. When your requirement is of a Joomla website, we have a expert team who can help you with the exact solution. From corporate websites to government applications, school websites, e-commerce portals, personal homepage, networking websites and intranet/extranet applications, we do it all.

What We do ?

  • Modules Development & Design Integration
  • Joomla Installation and Integration
  • Joomla Component, Module and Template Designing and Customization
  • Third Party integration
  • Organization and Community Portal
  • E-commerce Websites and online stores
  • Social networking websites
  • CMS and Gallery Management
  • Joomla Website and Portal Maintenance and Development

We’ve been creating web, mobile, and custom solutions with Drupal dating back to Drupal 4. Drupal is the technology that started the company and remains a core competency. If you need experts at anything Drupal, you have come to right place. Design, Development, Consulting…we do it all.

What We do ?

  • Development of Custom modules on Drupal.
  • Drupal Theme Development.
  • E-Commerce website designing and development.
  • Website/application maintenance and support services.
  • Drupal Theme Development.
  • Drupal Migration and Upgrade.
  • Drupal Responsive Design.
  • 3rd party integration for Drupal.
  • Drupal SEO services.


HTML is great for declaring static documents, but it falters when we try to use it for declaring dynamic views in web-applications. AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application. The resulting environment is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop.