Bulk SMS Service

Infigo Software is India’s leading SMS-based marketing and customer engagement product industry. A multi-award-winning software, Infigo Software has over the experience of 7 years in the competitive market with happy business customers. We offer best-in-class features, superior user experience, robust technology and excellent carrier relationships. Backed by fanatic support, our customers love Infigo Software – 94% of our reviews are rated 5.0/5.0.

With the right tools, SMS can be a fantastic medium for engaging with your customers! Infigo Software’s wide range of SMS services lets you stay ahead of the competition and meet your customer needs by sending them real-time informations, promotions, login details etc. 

We also support a host of enterprise-features, including powerful APIs, multi-user accounts and much more! Just ask and our experts will be happy to answer any of your questions.


Comprehensive SMS messaging platform

  1. Send personalized SMS to millions with zero software installs
  2.   Track SMS campaign metrics with URL Shortener
  3.  Receive SMS via short codes, long codes and keywords
  4.  Email to SMS gateway
  5.  Easy API integration
  6.   Comprehensive reports

Unique features developed specifically to embrace the increasingly mobile world!

  1. An unlimited time period for SMS consumption
  2.  Mobile app for Android.
  3. Easy to integrate API (As per your requirement we provide API)
  4. White label Panel (With own Branding)
  5.  Support ticket System
 SMS without API  
SMS       PricingTotal Price  Validity
Minimum Pack 10K      19 p/sms**Rs. 1900/-Lifetime
1 Lac SMS       18 p/sms**Rs. 18000/-Lifetime
5 Lac SMS       17 p/sms**  Rs. 85000/-Lifetime
10 Lac SMS       15 p/sms**  Rs. 150,000/-Lifetime
 SMS With API  
SMS       PricingTotal Price  Validity
Minimum Pack 10K       20 p/sms**Rs. 2000/-Lifetime
1 Lac SMS       18.5 p/sms** Rs. 18500/-Lifetime
5 Lac SMS       18.0 p/sms**  Rs. 90000/-Lifetime
10 Lac SMS      16 p/sms**  Rs. 160,00/-Lifetime

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