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December 28, 2017
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January 3, 2018
Top 404 Page Plugin

Everyone which uses web surfing most time seen 404 error on the website page. This error occurs when the page is not existing on the site. Dead pages that square measure either removed or don’t carry any content square measure labeled as404. This error will truly have an effect on your business and also down your search result. The top 404-page plugin will help you in this.

Most of the time folks assume that they could have a typewritten associate incorrect address and check out once more. There ought to be a correct plugin integration to avoid unwanted redirection from non-existent pages to anyplace and for navigating the client to the proper content or a minimum of the homepage of the website.

Many WordPress plugins square measure offered which will seamlessly work along with your theme or website and facilitate your viewers to search out the proper webpage. Here, we tend to square measure progressing to offer you the data regarding some “Top 404 Page Plugins WordPress” that square measure getting used by many folks and have proven to be stable, let’s have a glance.

Top 404 Page Plugin List –

1) Forty-Four – 404 Plugin for WordPress


Forty Four – 404


“Forty Four – 404 Plugin for WordPress”  is open source software. Forty Four Plugin creates a custom page style that you just will modify simply on appearance > 404 Page. Visitors do not need to wait too long for page loading because it doesn’t load the unnecessary scripts, CSS, images and other links to 404 page.


2) 404page – your smart custom 404 error page


The 404page plugin is that the most used plugin to make a customised 404 error page in WordPress. It permits you to simply produce your own 404 error page without any effort and it works with virtually every theme. Different from other similar plugins the 404page plugin doesn’t produce extra server requests.

3) 404 Page by SeedProd

404 Page by SeedProd


Simple and flexible, the 404 Page plugin works with any WordPress theme you have installed on your website. This plugin can work with any WordPress website. The plugin is Translation Ready and supports multisite. For More features, you can visit the plugin site.


4) 404 Page by SeedProd

Redirection is the hottest direct manager for WordPress. With it you’ll be able to simply manage 301 redirections, keep track of 404 errors, and customarily clean up any loose ends your website might have. this will facilitate cut back errors and improve your website ranking.

Redirection is intended to be used on sites with a couple of redirects to sites with thousands of redirects.


5) All 404 Redirect to Homepage


All 404 Redirect to Homepage

This is a smart plugin and a simple solution to handle 404 error pages by using 301 redirects. Our easy plugin can solve this by making an attempt to redirect all 404 error pages to the home page or any customised page, see the control panel for the plugin within the next image. Lots of the features have in the plugin.

We hope this article helped you discover the most effective Top Free 404 Page Plugins WordPress. you will also need to require a look at these WordPress 404 error page designs for inspiration.


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