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November 2, 2017
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November 14, 2017

Split testing or A/B may be a recognized technique to check 2 separate versions of a WordPress theme on any website to check their performance. Users show one or the another at a similar time to similar kind of visitors and select the winner by seeing the conversion rate of each.

If you’re thinking that testing a web site would be a tricky method and need plenty of technical information, then allow us to inform you that there square measure multiple WordPress plugins out there that do all the diligence for you and supply you quick results quickly. Here during this article, we’ve got listed a number of the simplest A/B split check plugins for WordPress websites that square measure being employed by thousands of users globally, let’s have a glance.

Best WordPress Split Testing Tools

#1. Optimizely



Optimizely is a wonderful choice to enhance the performance of your WordPress web site via A/B testing. Optimizely provides you a straightforward to use interface that helps you to make experiments in jiffy while not having any committal to writing data. you’ll take the help of Optimizely to put together your web site by victimisation this plugin.

Once you originated your account on, implant the Project code on the configuration page of the plugin and begin operating. The plugin is formed for testing headlines, and you’ve got no got to leave WordPress to make new experiments or read their results.

#2. Neilo A/B Testing


Neilo A/B Testing could be a sturdy and versatile A/B testing resolution that is straightforward to line up and integrates HeatMap. It shifts all the process load from your server to its cloud in order that your website’s performance doesn’t get affected. The plugin lets the user produce and keep track of their experiments directly from the WordPress and packs an easy nevertheless intuitive computer program. The plugin includes AN A/B testing tool that provides the ability of Headline Experiments. It permits theme and CSS testing in an exceedingly easy manner. The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce too.

#3. WP A/B Theme Conversion Testing

If you would like to work out that that theme generates additional leads, than this plugin is suggested for you. WP A/B Theme Conversion Testing permits you to switch themes for every user and acquire reports supported the quantity of views, range of conversion and share of transformation. you’ll showcase multiple WordPress themes from a particular set to each traveler and conjointly modify the temporal arrangement as per your selection. One by one you’ll run the unlimited take a look at and conjointly track conversion by simply inserting a shortcode.

#4. Marketizator

Marketizator is one in every of the most effective WordPress A/B testing plugin obtainable to reinforce the conversion rate of your web site and provides a simple answer to convert a traveler into a subscriber or vendee. you’ll use this plugin to form A/B testing experiments, personalised messages to convey helpful messages for your viewers and develop interest among them a few specific supply and on-line surveys to understand the opinion of viewers. The plugin is simple to use, and there’s no cryptography information needed to urge the foremost out of it.

#5. Simple Page Tester


As the name suggests, straightforward Page Tester plugin provides quick and straightforward practicality for WordPress split testing. The plugin is liberated to transfer, simple to setup and comes with a sensible menu that guides users through the setup method during a convenient manner. The plugin follows the Webmaster pointers set by Google, that eventually improves your programme rankings.

In free edition, you’ll be able to forever use Goals system and on-line calculators for conversion following and upgrade to the premium version to urge extra conversion options like conversion following and far a lot of.

#6. Formidable A/B Tests


ormidable A/B Tests may be a powerful plugin lets users run their own A/B tests on forms that square measure created exploitation Formidable professional by applying a shortcode. you’ll add the shortcode on the page or device space wherever you wish the 2 alternate forms to point out indiscriminately and see the results to trace the conversion rate. you’ll stop the take a look at once you get ample knowledge by commutation the shortcode. you’ll additionally reset the previous take a look at knowledge and begin a brand new one by simply pressing a button.

#7. AB Tasty


AB petulant is another powerful WordPress plugin for split testing that permits users to check completely different versions of a similar webpage. Users get time period results to check the performance additional expeditiously and supply a stronger expertise for the viewers.

Your selling team will simply modify the pages of internet sites and create many new versions to check with none committal to writing information because of the graphic editor. The powerful and intuitive news interface lets the user set the own parameters like purchase, completion of the shape, etc. and analyze the info supported that.

#8. Split Test URL Rotator Plugin

Split test url Rotator could be a excellent answer to extend your website’s conversion or subscription rate and improve its usability. It permits users to separate check something with differing types of landing and supply pages. you’ll be able to set landing pages to check headlines, videos, etc. and compare their performance.

You can additionally use split testing for multiple styles on account subscription and make experiments for comments on a web log post or time spent on any page. each page are often found out to show the share of the time, and you’ll be able to additionally set split tester to rotate via unlimited URLs.

#9. A/B Theme Testing


A/B Theme Testing is another helpful plugin that enables users to research the distinction between multiple WordPress themes with minor tweaks or entirely totally different styles. there’s no ought to have the writing data or be Associate in Nursing SEO skilled to induce the foremost out of this plugin.

You can simply distribute your viewers among each themes equally and compare the performance supported your parameters. The theme permits you to run complete split tests and eventually helps you to boost the conversion rate of your web site.

#10. SES Theme Split Test


SES Theme Split take a look at plugin permits users to line 2 separate templates and experiment each of them with variations that will enhance the usability concerning conversions or subscriptions. you’ll track the performance of each in Google Analytics victimisation custom segments. there’s an alternative choice available; you’ll set a universal resource locator parameter to pick out a specific theme. this system can assist you to use multiple themes one by one whereas developing split themes yourself and do the experiment to check their performance.



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