How to have Safe Surfing on Chrome
How to have Safe Surfing on Chrome
November 24, 2017
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Best Android Emulator for PC in 2017
December 18, 2017

Mozilla Firefox is one of the popular different browsers for Windows computer. It works nicely right out of the box, however, you’ll be able to get better results with it using some easy Firefox tips and tricks. Whereas Firefox is sweet once it’s regarding customization, features, and safety, some easy tricks will create it even quicker and a lot of economical. In this post, we are going to talk about some best-known and a few not so known tips and tricks for Firefox browser.

Keyboard Shortcuts

While there’s an enormous list of keyboard shortcuts, a number of them will build your browsing expertise extremely quick. Firefox has some easy keyboard shortcuts, simply use them once or double and you may be a professional at it. A number of the foremost commonly used shortcuts include-

  • Press Ctrl + D, to add your current opened page as a bookmark.
  • Press Ctrl + N, to open a new window.
  • Press Ctrl + H, to view your browsing history.
  • Press Ctrl + L, to move your cursor to the address box.
  • Press Ctrl + I, to access available bookmarks.
  • Press Ctrl + O, to open a file in Firefox browser.
  • Press Ctrl + T, to open a new tab.
  • Press, Ctrl + Shift + T, to reopen the closed window.
  • Press Ctrl + P, to print your opened page.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + P, to open a new Private Browsing window.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + W, to close your Firefox browser window.
  • Press Alt + Left Arrow, to back a page.
  • Press Alt + Right Arrow, to forward a page.
  • Press F11, to full screen the content & press F11 to exit the same.

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Create Your Own Shortcuts

It is possible to make your own shortcuts in Mozilla Firefox by using Customizable Shortcuts Extension. Regardless of whether or not you’re a Windows or Mac user, as long as you’ve Firefox downloaded in your computer. You’ll produce your commands with shortcuts. Isn’t it exciting? However, for that, you simply 1st need to download the ‘customizable shortcuts extension’ to make it work.

Use Master Password to Keep Other Passwords Safe

Master PasswordFirefox can work as your password manager too. You’ll save all your login IDs and password on Firefox browser and also found out a master password to shield all the saved passwords and login details. Move to the Firefox Menu and choose options. Below the security Tab, you have got to see the tab saying ‘Use Master Password’. this may open a pop-up window wherever you’ll add the master password to shield all of your login details. Check that you remember the Master password, alternatively, you won’t be ready to read any of the information it protects.

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Customize Control Panel

control Panel customizationGo to the Firefox Menu and click on on the Customize button on the bottom. You’ll be able to customize the control panel from here. Add or remove the things from the control panel. Simply drag and drop the tools and features from the Left panel to the window on Right. You’ll be able to also modify the theme of your Firefox browser from here. Click on the Theme button on the bottom and choose the colour theme you wish. Click on Exit customize button once you’re finished the preferred settings.

Tab Previews

This is one more tweak of Firefox from the about:config settings page. move to the configuration settings of Firefox and choose browser.ctrlTab.previews. Double click and the value will automatically toggle from False to True. now to preview the thumbnails of open tabs, click and hold Ctrl + Tab keys on your keyboard.


After Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is the best option for the browser. FireFox is also very customizable. Like Chrome, you can also modify Firefox settings to make your surfing experience better.

Note: All images are taken from Google Image Search

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