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November 15, 2017
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Wondering if your recently launched web site is up to code? the parents who engineered Microsoft Edge have simply launched sonar, an open-source linting tool to assist test your project for performance and security problems called as SONAR.


The team behind Microsoft’s Edge browser launched a brand new open-source tool nowadays that allows you to check your web site — or extremely the other web site if you’re so inclined — for potential performance and security problems. Sonar, because the project is named, may be a linting tool and web site scanner with attention on serving to developers build higher, quicker and safer websites. It’s accessible each as an internet service that’s hosted by Microsoft and as a command-line tool for people who need to dig deeper and integrate it into their own workflows and rules.

Enter your project’s URL, and sonar can comb through it for accessibility, ability, performance, security and progressive net app-related problems. Once it’s done scanning, it’ll list the errors it’s found and do its best to clarify what’s going wrong, highlight the errant code snippets and providing potential solutions. you’ll see the scan results for Sonar’s own website on this page.


The sonar team argues that its approach to analyzing websites could be a bit totally different from different tools as a result of it doesn’t simply run a static analysis on the code. Instead, it truly executes the code in an exceedingly instrumentation and may run tests in parallel. The team also integrated existing tools like aXe Core, AMP validator,, SSL Labs and Cloudinary.

The team conjointly notes that it needed to place the user at the middle of the expertise. sonar3“Rather than simply telling developers what was wrong, sonar had to conjointly say why,” Microsoft Edge PM Anton Molleda explains in today’s announcement. “It is very important to understand the reason for a difficulty so developers will decide if that actually applies to their work. the requirements from web site to web site will change a lot―for example, Associate in Nursing computer network web site and a web looking expertise can have immensely completely different wants. Therefore, sonar ought to even be easy to use, configure, and expand.”

Following a study last year that found 37 % of 133,000 websites had a minimum of one JavaScript library with a proverbial vulnerability, Snyk ran its own scan of the highest 5,000 URLs and located that 76.6 % were running a JavaScript library with a minimum of one buggy library.

Cloudinary is supporting Sonar’s performance check with its web site speed assessment tool, that shows however image size, format and alternative factors will reduce file size while not compromising the expertise.



Other options coming to sonar within the future embrace a plug-in for Visual Studio Code, the power to customize rule configuration within the scanner, and a lot of rules to assess performance, accessibility, security, and Progressive net Apps.

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