Infigo Software adopts a layered approach to support, to ensure that our customers get the maximum benefit in the minimum time. Employees working in a call center

The first layer is in the design of the system – our solutions are designed to eliminate the majority of reasons support calls are made – whether it is from user error, or parameter conflict – our solutions are designed to eradicate as many of these types of issues as possible.

The Second layer is addressed by providing detailed training in our implementation projects. Through the knowledge transfer process, your staff will gain a detailed understanding of how the solution works and what it is capable of. The level further reduces any unnecessary support calls, freeing your staff to deliver an outstanding service to your customers.

The Third layer is provided by our in-country support teams – either onsite at your offices or nearby at our local partners. With customers in all countries, we operate a comprehensive partner ecosystem designed to deliver the right combination of global expertise and local knowledge. Through Infigo Software offices and the offices of our partners we have coverage of all the locations where our customers are located.

The final layer is provided by our support and development teams. While, only a very small number of the issues raised require detailed investigation, when they do need to be investigated we have found that the fastest way to resolve them is through the use of seasoned experts in our solutions, technology and the financial services industry. Our support teams are staffed with these experts, and are supported by web-based recording and tracking systems to ensure swift resolution of issues raised.

Our support organization is 100% committed to ensuring that you will receive the highest levels of support, including the following:

Onsite Support – Our experience has shown that 2 weeks after initial go-live our customers are 100% self-sufficient and hence our implementation team typically remains onsite for 2 weeks after initial go-live. However, if you wish to extend this period you can.

Ring fenced team – A team of experts dedicated to supporting you and you alone. This service effectively enables you to outsource your support operations to Infigo Software.

Remote access – By providing our staff with secure remote access to your environment you can speed the investigation, diagnosis and resolution on any issues.

On-line support solution – All our customers have access to a web-based request tracking system, where you can record issues and track their resolution.

24 x 7 x 365 Operations – With customers in all countries you can be certain that our support team will be there when you need them through our 24 x 7 x 365 service.