Project Management

Project management professionals provide expertise to plan, design, build and manage construction and renovation projects with a proven track record for delivering projects on time and on budget.

We offer complete project management services, from preliminary planning to project close-out. We provide a single point of contact with decades of knowledge earned through hands-on project delivery experience in virtually every aspect of designing, building, and completing a diverse range of facilities.

Combined with sensitivity to client needs, our integrated poject team approach allows us to deliver effective solutions within scope, schedule, and budget on all types of projects from minor renovations to complete building complexes.

We provide project management throughout the project lifecycle:

  • Coordinate and liaison with local jurisdictions.
  • Site selection, acquisition and negotiation.
  • Development and coordination of design consultants, construction managers, and contractors.
  • Site investigation including environmental, civil, and surveying.
  • Contract administration, including progress payment review and processing, coordination of change orders, monthly reports, and
  • management of project site meetings.
  • Coordination and monitoring of project budget and cash flow.
  • Project completion, including substantial completion, release of lien holdback(s), deficiency management, warranties, and O&M manuals.
  • Public consultations.

Project management depends on a number of key factors:

1. Knowing what the customer wants to achieve.

2. Ensuring that vision is shared by all members of the team.

3. Creating a team with the right skills.

4.  Building a properly resourced plan to deliver the project.

5.  Effective monitoring and management throughout the project.

6. Regular communication with the key stakeholders

At Infigo Software, we have experience of delivering successful projects for more than 1000 customers in all countries. Throughout these projects we have utilized our project approach – called FinnEdge and so we know that our system works. It delivers what our customers want, and it delivers fast, on time and to budget.

While there are considerable similarities across projects, we know that every customer’s situation is unique – whether it is due to the skills available, the infrastructure already employed or local requirements. Hence, our project methodology, called FinnEdge, is designed to be extremely flexible, and our project managers are adept at tailoring our approach to suit your needs.

We have vast experience in virtually every installation scenario, including green-field installations, migrating from legacy solutions, and co-existence with solutions already in place.

Not only do project managers relentlessly focus on delivering the end goal, they focus on delivering high levels of customer satisfaction as well. We work in conjunction with our customers, as partners, in helping deliver the final outcome – and for us to declare a project a success that outcome must include customer satisfaction.

From planning your new service to performing exams on your first customer,  allow Infigo Softwares Project Management Team to lead your project.
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