Professional Service

We have experts for your unique needs

Smart technology initiatives drive better business outcomes. Infigo Software Professional Services understands that achieving your desired outcomes requires executing a cohesive plan across people, process and technology. Nobody can help you unlock the power and potential of Infigo Software technology like our own  Web consultants and support, Project Managment.

Infigo Software Professional Services will work with you one-on-one to tailor a solution to your unique needs. With the help of our team. we created an automated customer satisfaction program that seemed almost impossible a year ago. Now we can capture real-time, aggregated data that helps us make more data-driven decisions

1. Project Managment

Our experienced project managers to reduce delays and save you money. We work alongside your team to understand your processes, develop a schedule and manage the details of your project. Regardless of the size or type of your business, your project manager is an expert partner who understands your communication network requirements. Our project managers will suggest industry-leading best practices to keep your project running smoothly. Need flexible scheduling? We’ll work with you to accommodate your project timing and budget, too. Part- or full-time, on site or remote, your Sensus project manager is focused on making your project a success.

2. Web Consultancy

Website Consultancy Services can provide specialist online marketing consultancy to help your business achieve their online marketing and business goals. We have a wealth of experience working across a variety of industry sectors and our experience as online marketing consultants has shown us that the key to helping you. Providing affordable high quality, professional marketing consultancy services, Implementing digital solutions that are focused on winning and retaining customers, Avoiding wasting resources on untargeted and poorly planned marketing communications activity./p>

3. Support

Technical support services are being strategically outsourced to India as global companies discover the benefits of access to an experienced team of specialists with the added benefits of improved service quality, lower costs of ownership and reduced risk. You can outsource technical support services to India, secure in the knowledge that a pool of trained and experienced engineers are available 24×7 to provide your customers technical support through a multi-modal user interface using the web, email, chat or voice, within agreed-upon response times and levels of quality. Here are few things you must know before outsourcing technical support services to India.