iOS App Development

Infigo Software is a best leading ios application development IT company in  India offering reliable and customized iPad app development services.  iOS app development company offering services for iOS development. infigo software iOS

We will work with you from initial to mobile UI design to the app development along with launch of application in the Apple app store.

We have assisted many companies create engaging as well as helpful apps for use in a number of industries. Specializing in iOS App Development and iOS Web Development design,

Infigo Software is able to provide your company with the Apps you require on a global scale. We will also meet your pre-defined security standards, IOS is in safe hands with Infigo Software.

Our team of iPad developers collaborate to design and develop iPad apps that strategically utilize the device’s screen space, retina display and several in-built features. Right from ideation, strategy, design to app submission and monetization, we are your reliable partners throughout the iPad application development lifecycle.

Our Topics are includes -: 

  •  Using Xcode and the iOS Simulator
  • Learning Objective-C basics and structure
  • Creating objects, variables, properties, and custom classes
  • Connecting UI elements to code
  • Using delegation
  • Using the Xcode debugger
  • Creating and customizing table views
  • Exploring storyboards
  • Introducing blocks
  • Saving and loading data
  • Understanding the differences in iPad development
  • Creating iPad apps with popovers and split views
  • Adding application icons and launch images


The focus in the development of an iOS application needs to be its  usability and high customizability.

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