Best Five Translation Plugins for WordPress Website
Best Five Translation Plugins for WordPress Website
December 20, 2017
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December 27, 2017

I understand how hard it is to develop a internet site from scratch. We ought to take loads of factors into consideration like design, functionality, consumer- friendliness and so on. matters get awkward when you have zero knowledge on coding. yes, with out proper understanding on growing languages, you can only dream but can’t accomplish.WordPress has changed this concept a lot. The expert developers have designed stunning issues and made it to be had for non- geeky WP users. consequently, starting a weblog and attaining an remarkable layout isn’t always a hard row to hoe now.

however what if you may’t discover any topics which in shape your interest? Or what in case you dislike a particular block on your favourite topic? matters need to be modified, proper? however how need to you do it?

Qards is the perfect answer for you

What is Qards?

Qards is WordPress plugin that allows you to select individual pre-designed content cards (hence the name, Qards) and then put them in a sequence on a page to create a fully custom creation.

The main idea of the plugin is to allow you to focus on creating content and not worry about the design, letting Qards take care of that. This functional plugin is developed by DesignModo.I forgot to say what Qards will for you. It will build gorgeous pages while not touching even one line of code. Again, you would possibly have wrinkled your eyebrows. There ar several page- builder tools that claim an equivalent.

Other details about Qards:

  • It doesn’t require any design skills. Everything is provided through drag-and-drop;
  • No coding skills are needed to operate the plugin either;
  • It’s fully responsive and mobile-friendly;
  • It provides in-line editing, so you don’t need to go back and forth between an editor window of some kind and the preview;
  • Drag-and-drop support for uploading media straight from your desktop;
  • Works with your current WordPress theme.


  • Fully customizable (change colors, texts, backgrounds and more…);
  • Subscription form (export emails to .csv file or MailChimp);
  • Responsive design;
  • Works with any WordPress theme;
  • SEO options;
  • Pre-Designed Blocks;
  • Easy Click-to-change Editor;
  • Google Fonts & Typekit;
  • Powerful text editor;
  • Custom CSS/HTML allows advanced styling for any element;
  • Convert any block to HTML to customize advanced layouts;
  • Modify grid styling instantly.

Getting Started with Qards

We transfer most of the free plugins from WP dashboard whereas paid ones from the several developers’ web site. As a paid plugin, Qards additionally must have downloaded from DesignModo web site.

You will get a zipped file. i feel you recognize however associate archive will be uploaded to urge a completely practical plugin. (Not an enormous deal. attend the plugins page. Click on new and transfer the .zip file. you’re done.

Watch this video and learn How to install, activate and update Qards?

After that, don’t forget to activate it. Copy and paste the API code to ensure the ownership.

What Can Qards Be Used For ?

You can use this drag & drop page builder to make lovely, elegant and responsive web content with none limitations.

Using Qards is extremely very like taking part in Lego set with a stack of cards, you match them along and create the items match. The plugin makes this method a delight and very straightforward.

The pages you produce have none of the characteristics of your theme or your different pages, you begin with a blank screen and persist from there. With Qards you’ll edit every and each little detail on recently created webpage, all while not touching a line of code.


It means that you’ll be able to produce just about any webpage suited to any purpose, I may produce a searching page or a webpage for a private journal with a nominal style or a landing page with a grid vogue layout for photography web site. Qards is publicised as a plugin that works with any WordPress theme and altogether chance ought to do thus. thus regardless of what variety of web site or theme you run, this plugin ought to are available handy if you ever got to build Associate in Nursing amazing webpage.

And if you’re a style skilled and apprehend your means around, you may add your code additionally. however we’ll get thereto later.

Using Qards


A simple add New Page window is obtainable on the Qards WordPress dasboard, the magic starts here. you’ll be able to add and save as several pages as you wish from here. Once you produce a replacement page, you’re greeted by this screen.

And you have a number of options available, namely:

  • Cover
  • Image
  • Text
  • Feature
  • Grid
  • Menu
  • Footer
  • Subscribe


The interface is extremely intuitive and straightforward to use. Anyone who’s ever used a haul and drop builder before can notice victimisation this plugin a breeze.

So when you produce a brand new page, you’ll be able to add the cards or content blocks which may be anybody of the eight same components. Once you add one block, the sidebar disappears and you’ll be able to verify the would be webpage with none distractions. currently yet again you’ll be able to click on the and icon at the lowest of your screen and add more content blocks.They appear one when the opposite. the whole method is extremely fluid and sleek.

Fine-tuning Your Custom Blocks

You can use Qards to feature new pictures, videos, modification the position of the text on your webpage, choose from showing/not showing your header, hero and buttons. the colours are often changed and also the content blocks are often moved up and down through the various levels. From this interface you’ll be able to duplicate the content block and additionally customise the CSS. you’ll be able to additionally add full screen videos from YouTube to your background. The screenshot below is serves associate example for what changes are often incorporated into the content blocks once they’re superimposed.


Similarly you add a menu, a footer, a header and a subscribe bar with the content blocks available by default on Qards. You could create a sticky menu, if that might suit the webpage you intend to create. All done with a few clicks of the mouse and the editing part is very intuitive as with the previous content blocks.



For WordPress specialists and also the curious ones who’d like to create the foremost of this plugin and have a little of style ability, you’ll be able to tinker a little with the code and obtain the webpage’s look to precisely what you would like. you’ll be able to access the custom CSS possibility and alter the CSS for all content blocks to your feeling. Then you’ll be able to update your preview and value more highly to keep the changes or not.


In addition, you can access appearance settings from your WordPress admin dashboard and modify the CSS elements of your webpages and also the global CSS settings of your page layouts.


Feeling Doubtful ?

Watch this video and you’ll get a feel of how easy this plugin is to use.

Qards And WooCommerce

While you may on paper produce a good variety of webpages for your web site with Qards, this plugin best serves you after you use it to make one or a number of pages as a part of your overall web site. for instance, a 1 page web site or a best mercantilism product page or a portfolio page, etc. Here’s however you’ll be able to use the ability of Qards with WooCommerce and sell higher. This video can show you only however simply you’ll be able to leverage Qards to sell better!


Qards Pricing


Qards is priced at a one-time fee of $99 and you’ll get to use it with one website. At $199, you can use it for 5 websites. Given the time you are likely to save with Qards, it is probably worth the money.


Qards is an awesome, intuitive plugin to tug, drop and build lovely webpages. In any case if you aren’t happy with Qards you’ll forever ask for your a refund, style Modo provides a awfully generous a refund guarantee amount of 20 days.


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