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January 11, 2022

The chances are that you’re already pretty familiar with Magento, but what not everybody realizes is that there are two main build types: Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. 

As a Magento development company, we’re used to all of the tech arguments for Magento Community vs Enterprise. The truth is that there’s a place for everything, whether we’re debating about Magento Enterprise versus Community or whether you’re using free Magento builds. The key is to know when to use each one. Let’s look a little deeper

The primary difference between Magento Community and Magento Enterprise is that Community is distributed for free, while Magento Enterprise Edition (Magento EE) is a premium, paid-for option. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for, which is why even though Magento EE is a paid solution, it often makes sense for small to medium-sized businesses.

Magento Community Edition

Magento Community Edition (Magento CE) is what most people will talk about when asked: “what is Magento”? The clue is in the name: Magento Community is the open-source version of Magento, which is supported by a wider community of third-party applications and web developers.

That means that the Magento Community version is available 100% free of charge. When you set up a Magento 2 Community site, there’s no need to pay hefty licensing fees. If you’re worried about Magento eCommerce pricing, using the Magento Community version means that you’ll only have to pay more if you hire a developer to make a custom build.

Who Needs Magento Community Edition?

One of the most significant benefits of picking Magento Community vs Magento Enterprise is that it’s available for free. That makes the Magento Community edition a solid choice when money is an issue, and it’s particularly worth considering if you’re a new brand or if you don’t need much-advanced modification.

Magento Community is particularly popular amongst solitary web developers who are creating sites on mass. Magento Community Edition allows developers to build different websites for different clients without having to pay for multiple Magento license fees. With that said, Magento Community has a lot to offer to ecommerce store owners who have a budget behind them.

Magento Enterprise Edition

As you can probably imagine from what we said about Magento Community Edition, Magento Enterprise is the paid version. Don’t stress yourself out worrying about Magento Enterprise costs. Magento eCommerce pricing is amongst the most competitive on the market. And while it’s true that the Magento Enterprise cost is higher than if you went with Magento Community Edition, it’s often worthwhile because of the additional features that it includes.

We’ll cover some of the features you can expect from Magento Community vs Enterprise later on in this article. Still, just for starters, Magento Enterprise Edition (Magento EE) includes heightened security, better performance, and enhanced scalability. That means that the Magento eCommerce price often pays for itself thanks to the extra features that it allows.

Who Needs Magento Enterprise Edition?

Magento Enterprise Edition (Magento EE) is explicitly designed for enterprise customers. Can you imagine their sales volume? Crazy. Each of the Magento Enterprise features is aimed at large companies that are looking to deploy an eCommerce store at scale.

One of the easiest ways to tell when to use Magento Community vs Magento Enterprise is to ask yourself just how important your eCommerce site is. If it’s just a necessity, but not a strategic tool, go with Magento Community Edition. On the other hand, if your eCommerce store is mission-critical, you’re going to want to go with Magento Enterprise. 

Which is a perfect choice?

Ultimately, the choice of whether to go with Magento Community or Magento Enterprise is something that you’ll have to decide for yourself. Magento Community is the right choice if you’re starting, and you’re not expecting a lot of visitors. Magento Enterprise will always win out over Magento Community when it comes to medium-sized and enterprise-level companies.

The good news is that whether you choose Magento Community or Magento Enterprise, you’ll find yourself with a distinct advantage over the competition. Even Magento Community, a free solution, is better than multiple competitors out there.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but don’t just go for Magento Community because it’s free, and you’re trying to save some money. Instead, you’ll want to weigh up the pros and cons of both Magento Community and Magento Enterprise and to make an educated decision on which one is right for you.

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