The Importance of social media
The importance of social media monitoring
June 17, 2020

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Being a brand, if you do not take note of the changes and how that might impact your business, you will soon be forgotten by masses. Recently, Instagram has been updating its algorithm quite a lot and it has done the same one more time. But, at this point in time, this
change proved to be a game charger for multiple users. With the promises of reducing the visibility of around 90% of followers, not paying any kind of attention to these changes might mean a significant difference in ways the brands are likely to perform online.

For some of the individual users out there, constructing their personal brand means it might be the end of the story. As for the brands, if you failed to take notes of the changes taking place, then you might not be the lucky business owner alive. As IG has shifted its focus, it is now essential for the users to shift theirs as well. Here, users can be graphic designers as well.

It is always mandatory to take deep dive right into how the algorithm is going to change and what that means best for your business. What else can there be to do just to maintain visibility on IG? To learn more about these options, it is mandatory to head towards and get some help now.

Unleash the segmented 90 percent:

Always remember that most of these updates might come out as blows to frequent users. On the other hand, you should also know that it is only to ensure that IG remains the perfect app that people enjoy to use and free from any of those spammers and troll accounts.

  • Instagram is here to just show the content to around only 10% of the audience. This is not just any of the 10% but that a suitable number of people who are mostly engaged with the type of content you are creating right now. For example, if you have somewhat around 100 followers, the top 10 of the most engaging followers will be the one to see the content you post on your feed.
  • As a top tip, you should know that by engagement, the team means like such as minor engagement or comments, which are more engagement. An impression is mainly the eyes on views or content. So, more people get the chance to scroll past content but did not comment or like.
  • The easiest and proven way to get content seen on IG is by getting multiple comments and likes. If the 10% elected followers commented or liked your posts, it will then be unleashed to the rest of the 90% of the crowd. It is more like the snowball effect, where the more engagement you get the better.
  • Similarly, in case, the followers are just scrolling past content and not interacting well, then IG is not going to care. Here, the followers have to be engaging ones. This is proved to be quite important whenever you are planning for your social media-based marketing strategy. You need to know how striking the posts are and what questions you plan to ask in captions.

Checking on quicker response time:

When you run a graphic design based business on Instagram, people have so many questions to ask you about this field, especially if you are pro. If you want to run the business well and positively, you have to reply to those questions or comments as received under a post within time fame. That time frame will be within an hour and not more than that.

  • Always remember that lack of response or even any form of slow response time can easily lead to decreased visibility of posts and even that of your hashtags, which you don’t want.
  • Engagement revolves more than just receiving comments from your potential followers or existing ones. It is just like getting into the habit of replying to the comments in less than 60 minutes as well.
  • The more engagement value you have, the more relevant the posts should be on the platform. As with the increase in the engagement, the visibility of the post will grow to another level for sure.

Checking on towards the length of engagement:

Always remember that simple quick reply is out of order these days and won’t help you much. Even when you are trying to get all replies to comments posted in just less than an hour, responses are stated to only count from now on if they are only longer than three words. IG wants both replies and comments to be quite substantial. So, just commenting with two letter words or an emoji won’t count towards engagement anymore. It is mandatory for your followers to comment at least four words or just more for ensuring that the visibility does count.

Overloading the posts with hashtags:

Instagram is known to cap hashtags at 30 per post. This has already led to mass hashtagging, followed by some of the pretty ugly captions. Then users got to discover that you are actually breaking lines with full stops and then adding hashtags under read more section or CTA. It did not look any great either. So, recently, graphic design accounts have been thoroughly adding hashtags the first comment and then separate to caption. It worked really well and posts were now seen.

Remember that IG does not count hashtags in comments as engagement. Moreover, you are just allowed to add five per caption as the latest algorithm rule from this platform. Well, this notion is going to change everything for you. It is now rather a challenge to ensure that the hash tags are super specific and also relevant to post.

Once you have the points covered, using IG’s latest algorithm for keeping the graphic design market up and running won’t that difficult of a case at all. You can follow the notes and take those as your advantage.

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