Incredible Premium Documentation

Incredible Premium Documentation


  1. Theme Installation
  2. Home Page Setup
    1. Social & Contact info in header
    2. Site Logo/Title
    3. Custom menu
    4. Incredible Slider
    5. Incredible Service
    6. Incredible Portfolio
    7. Incredible Testimonial
    8. Home Blog (Latest Posts)
    9. Incredible Client
    10. Incredible Footer Callout
    11. Footer
    12. Footer Copyright info
  3. Incredible Templates
    1. About Us Template
    2. Contact Us Template
    3. Service Template
    4. Full Width Page
    5. Page with sidebar
    6. 404 Page
    7. Portfolio Templates
  4. Miscellaneous
  5. Shortcode

1. Theme Installation:

First download your theme package from your Weblizar A member Account.

We have downloaded the plugin theme  now it’s time to install it on your site. Now login to your WordPress site admin dashboard and go to following Page.

Admin Dashboard =>appearance => themes 

theme installation

1. Upload Theme package zip folder using WordPress theme upload-er ( appearance => themes =>add new =>upload theme => choose zip package and click on install button  ) and activate the  uploaded theme.

2.  Otherwise We recommend you to upload extracted folder using FTP( FileZilla/Bitwise), In your host-server-directory/ wp-content / themes. and unzip the uploaded zip package.

After that go to admin dashboard => appearance => themes and click on uploaded theme and click on active button.

2. Home Page Setup:

Our theme home page has 12 different sections. Explaining below one by one in sub points:

1. Social & Contact info in header:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Theme Options under Social Media tab.

Here you can enter your social media details,mobile number,email etc, that will display in header of your site.You can also enable/disable this info by ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ from drop-down menu.


Front page view:

front social header

To set site logo or Text based site logo, go to Admin Dashboard >> Theme Options under General Options tab

To enable text based site title just check the Text Title checkbox.

For image logo Upload the image using Upload Logo media up-loader and set the height/width in next fields.

You can also upload site favicon icon using Custom favicon filed.


You can add navigation menu to your site from Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Menus section.

Wordpress Menu

4. Incredible Slider:

Featured Slider is Third section on home page come after header logo & menu section.

Admin Dashboard →Incredible Slider

Click on Add New Slider to add new slide.

add slider

Front Page View:

front slider

5. Incredible Services:

Incredible Service section is fourth section on home page come after Incredible slider section.

Admin Dashboard → Incredible Service

add service
service template

Front Page View:

front service

6. Incredible Portfolio:

Portfolio Section is fifth section on home page come after Incredible service section.

Admin Dashboard → Incredible Portfolio

Using Add New Portfolio link in Incredible Portfolio Menu you can add new portfolio into Incredible Portfolio section.

add portfolio

Front page View:

front portfolio

7. Incredible Testimonial:

Testimonial Section is sixth section on home page come after Incredible Portfolio section.

Admin Dashboard → Incredible Testimonial

add testimonial

Front Page View:

front testimonial

8. Home Blog:

Home blog Section is seventh section on home page come after Incredible Testimonial section.

Admin Dashboard → Posts

In Home Blog section it shows your latest posts on home.

Front Page View:

front blog

9. Incredible Clients:

Incredible Client Section is ninth section on home page come after Home Blog section.

Admin Dashboard → Incredible Clients

add client

Front Page View:

front client

10. Footer Call-Out Area:

Footer Call-Out Section is 10th section on home page come after Incredible Client section.

You can add call-out info to go under Admin Dashboard→Appearance-→Theme Options-→Footer call out Settings.

footer call out settings

Front Page View:

front footer call out

11. Footer Widget Area:

Footer Section is 11th section on home page come after Incredible Footer Call-Out section.

You can add widgets to this area.

Appearance → Widgets

footer widget

Front Page View:


This section is 12th section in home page and came just after footer widget area.

To add info in this section go to Appearance →Theme Options → Footer Option.

footer settings

Front Page View:

front footer

3. Incredible Templates:

Incredible Premium theme comes with 10+ template pages. We are explaining below one by one each, how to use or activate different templates?

1. About Us Page:

Incredible theme has two About US templates,named ‘About us one‘ & ‘About us two’.

About US Page Template can be use as display your Business, Office, Team, Working information. This template contain two section, first one for About Us information. And second one is for Team/Staff information.

Create a About US page for using this template as follows:

Admin Dashboard → Pages → Add New

Now assign this newly created page as About Us One template.

about us 1

Team / Staff part comes from

Admin Dashboard → Incredible Team → Add New Member

Using Add New Member menu link you can add team member for that section.

add team

Front View:


If you will select About Us Two template It will look like following on front page:


You can change ‘Incredible Team’ and description text from Appearance→ Theme Options → Team Option.

2. Contact Us Page:

Incredible theme has two contact page template named ‘Contact Us One‘ & ‘Contact Us Two

Contact Page Template can be used as display your Business, Office contact and location information.

Create a Contact page to use this template as follows:

Admin Dashboard → Pages → Add New

Other Contact & Location information like Google Map, Phone, Email, Office & Marketing Address can be customizable using Theme Options.

Admin Dashboard → Appearance → Theme Options


Go to admin dashboard => pages => add new page.


Front View Of Template One:

Contact one

Front View Of Template Two:

Contact two

3. Service Template:

Service Page Template is used to display services created by you.

To use Service template, first Create a page and assign Service Template to it as follows.

Admin Dashboard → Pages → Add New


To add services use Incredible Service CPT:


Front View Home section :


Service page template :


You can change text “Our Services” & “Our Service Desc” from Theme Options

Admin Dashboard → Appearance → Theme Options → Service Option.

4. Full Width Page Template:

Using Page with full width you can display a specific information in wide page layout. And that’s seems more attractive for your customers/clients.

To add a page with full width go to

Admin Dashboard → Pages → Add New

You can set Page Intro text that will appear just above the featured image using Page Intro Text metabox that you found below the editor.

Type/paste your content in editor and select Full Width Page template from Page Attributes (right side) and publish the page.

Page admin  View:


Full width page view:


5. Page with left sidebar:

Like above you also can display page with left sidebar just select Page with Left Sidebar template.

If you don’t select any template by default it shows Page with Right Sidebar


Default Right Sidebar:


6. 404 Page:

404 Page template will be display when a visitor on a site request to see unavailable content. The 404 or Not Found error message is a HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested.


7. Create Portfolio:

Portfolio are used to display your business recent works & activities with your clients and customers.

Incredible theme provide 3 types of Portfolio Column Layouts to setup your business portfolio on your site.

(i) Portfolio One Column

(ii) Portfolio Two Column

(iii) Portfolio Three Column

First Create a page

Admin Dashboard → Pages → Add New

and select any portfolio template (i.e. one column, two column,three column) and publish the page.


Portfolio Two Column:


Portfolio Three Column:


Portfolio Single View:


4. Miscellaneous:

(a) How to change color scheme?

Admin Dashboard → Appearance → Theme Options → Skin layout

In Incredible theme there is no limit of color scheme, you can choose any color(s) from color picker for your site.

It also come with 10 predefined color schemes. see screenshot.


With the help of  this section (Skin Layout) you can also select:

(i) Layout of your site (full width or boxed size)
(ii) Header style (Fixed or Static)

(b) How to set custom front page?

You can show your latest posts on front page or you can select any page as your front page (like About Us page). See screenshot

5. Shortcode:

Incredible premium the have short code. You can use short as per your requirements.

short-code list:

1. Accordion

2. Progress bar

3. Alert

4. Button

5. Drop-Caps

6. Heading

Follow the below given short-code screenshot.


Button short-code view: