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June 17, 2020
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September 22, 2021

Marketing automation with CRM is one the major developments of this decade in terms of business sales and marketing efforts. With the shift of all business activities online, it has been seen that information and interaction have both amplified and become a multi lane process with traffic going in various directions. With the traditional modes of marketing, there was print, radio and TV advertising that would entail one way communication at best where the brand would speak and the audience would listen. This too, would be regulated as per the schedule of the TV, radio and the newspapers or magazines. Yet, now in the digital age, there is two way communication that helps the businesses remain in touch with their audience on a constant basis with comments and sharing enabled so that the business owner knows exactly who their prospects are and how they can be turned into customers.

Easier to Reach Customers

Further, with the technology to now find out the buying habits and behavior of the consumer online, it has become easier for the business owners to reach their customers when they look for those specific niches that have to do with the business. Yet, this is a challenge in itself because it has given rise to something called Big Data which one would have to sift through, record and even sue at the right time – with that kind of quantum of data, a business owner or marketer would definitely need much more than 24 hours! Of course, this is something that has not changed or would change in a hurry. This is also where we begin to discuss CRM and marketing automation options like PipeDrive and alternatives to PipeDrive.

Opportunities for building an audience

A CRM software that also has a marketing automation side would the ideal fit for any size of business when it comes to making the most of the opportunities available online for building an audience and making conversions. Any good alternative to PipeDrive would help you build a framework that could match the information you have stored with the right functions called up at the right time for your team to get effortlessly through the sales pipeline. Here are some of the benefits of PipeDrive alternatives

Better Productivity

With a good PipeDrive alternative, you would be able to have a far more productive team on your hands. The fact that the information gets called up depending on the function that you are trying to fulfill or the deliverable that you are truing to send, makes life much more easier for your team members. They will have more time on their hands to go ahead and concentrate on core activities that can fuel engagement and help you achieve a higher rate of conversion. With more productivity on your side, you would be able to achieve greater revenues as well. 

Accelerated Movement through the Sales Pipeline

Automating the activities with the marketing automation features and connecting it with the information stored with the help of the CRM framework would hep you complete all the tasks in the sales pipeline with ease and speed. With this kind of functionality, you would be able to work your way through the sales pipeline in the best possible manner, and it would help you grow your business with an increased rate of conversion as well. 

High Quality Team Collaboration

The way your team operates will set the tone and pace for your growth and the rate of conversions. With alternatives to PipeDrive and other platforms that offer you marketing automation along with CRM, you would be able to get your team to collaborate in a far better manner. Thanks to the fact that each task is lined up and notified to each member in a seamless manner, This would also increase the way your team gets the job done and there would be less duplication of tasks as well as missing out of tasks, or any other kind of chaos that could come from constant and confusion communication. 

Some Alternatives of Pipedrive

These are only a few of the many benefits that you would eventually derive from your investment in one of the platforms like PipeDrive or any of the alternatives to PipeDrive. In order to find the right CRM and marketing automation platform for your business, you could take a look at this list of 5 PipeDrive alternatives as listed below:

  1. EngageBay: This is probably the best alternative to PipeDrive thanks to the many features that it offers in terms of marketing automation as well CRM. It is also an affordable platform that also offers plenty of support.
  1. Sugar CRM: This platform is also a good PipeDrive alternative that can help you with your email marketing and other automation needs. 
  1. SendInBlue: This is one of the oldest platforms that primarily helps you automate your email marketing process for seamless delivery of messages and communication to your database. 
  1. Prosper Works: Prosper Works helps you with the various features of marketing automation with a focus on lead generation as well as email marketing. 
  2. Pipeline Deals: This is a new and upcoming alternative to PipeDrive that emphasizes on lead generation through email marketing as well. 


As per the above analysis, one would find that EngageBay would be the best alternative to PipeDrive since it offers a wide range of features along with affordability and plenty of support for your setup and installation process as well.

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