How to have Safe Surfing on Chrome
How to have Safe Surfing on Chrome
November 24, 2017
Hide Files Inside Images

Technique for hiding a file in an image file is called ‘Steganography’. Using this we can exchange data across the world over the internet without using any encryption or decryption method. Sometimes we need to hide information or keep some data on our PC hidden from everyone who might use our PC.  You can actually hide any type of file inside an image file, including text, mp3, AVI etc. Not only that, you will be able to truly store more than one files within single JPG file, not only one file on single JPG file. For hiding files or to show hidden files, we need WinZip or WinRAR software installed on your computer.

Please follow the below steps carefully to hide files inside image –

  • We have to create a folder within any directory, for example, C:\hide and put all of the files that you want to hide into that folder and also put an image in which you want to hide files.



  • Now Select a single file or multiple files you want to hide and get them zipped using WinZip or WinRar.


  • C:\hide folder contain files, an image on which all files hide and zip folder.
  • Now open a command prompt using – press Window + R to open Run and type cmd and press ok button.
  • Type cd \ in command prompt to open root directory and type cd hide to open your folder that contains hide.rar file and an image.


CD stands for change directory by typing cd hide command you change your directory to hide.

  •  Now type the following command – 

          copy /b facebook1.JPG + facebook1.jpg and Enter.


  • If everything went correct, ‘’ contains all those files you wish to hide has been hidden within the ‘facebook1.jpg’ image file you chose.
  • Now open the C:\hide folder. you’ll delete 3 files that you just compressed except the image as a result of all of them placed within the image. The image can look normal, no one will understand that there are three files hidden within the image.

Accessing hidden files –

  • An image can stay same. it’s going to work like several alternative JPEG image file. Now When You Will Try to open this image it will open as normal image however your files ‘’ remains hidden within it.
  • If you want to retrieve those files back to normal. You’ll have to open the image with Winrar or Winzip software. Simply right-click ‘facebook1.jpg’ and select ‘open with WinRAR’. You can see ‘hide.rar’ zipped file there. Just unzip it.

You can hide any file (mp3, mp4, .pdf, .txt etc) inside any picture.

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