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December 9, 2017
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Some Hidden Google Projects probably you Heard

Most people have heard of Google’s well-publicized projects: Self-driving cars, smart contact lenses, Internet-beaming balloons and more. But there are some Hidden Google Projects that you never heard.

While those merchandise and services sound wonderful, most people cannot use them simply yet. However, the company really features a bunch of different ones that are unbelievably helpful.  That you just won’t even know existed.

These are some of the hidden Google Projects

Google Sky

google skyIf you are interested to know and study the stars, galaxies or planets. Then Google Sky will assist you to explore data about the same. Google worked laboriously and teamed up with astronomers to produce a brand new and straightforward view of the sky. With the assistance of Google Maps, this tool will simply explore and browse the universe you can check it out from here.

Similarly, you can explore moon and mars by using Google Moon and Google Mars respectively.

Google Express

google expressDo you know Google also provides online shopping services? Sure, Google Express is online shopping store on Google, where a client can select a product and place the order at same time. Currently, this service is provided in the United States only. Therefore, if you’re living in the US, you simply check the most effective offers on the totally different product at here.

Google Project Sunroof

If you want to save lots of electricity bills by using natural energy i.e. by using solar panels, then this project is one amongst the most effective factor for you. As the name describes this project analyses the shape and size of the roof of your home/office and analyses the local weather patterns with the assistance of Google Earth imaging to make an idea for solar power devices appropriate for you.

google-project-sunroofCurrently, this service is offered in united states only. Therefore, if you’re living in the US and going to install solar panels on your roof, then you can take the assistance of Project sunroof by Google. This can not only save some time but additionally, show you the calculable worth of bill that you’ll save when using solar power.

Google Crowdsource

Google CrowdsourceTo provide services in additional straightforward and economical manner, Google created an android app i.e. Crowdsource. the aim of creating this app is to bring a lot of user feedback into its services, which can more help Google to serve in an improved means. you can install this app from Play Store.

After putting in Crowdsource, it’ll raise your language that you like most, then it’ll show totally different panels within which you can contribute by finishing easy tasks. These tasks include handwriting recognition, translation, transcription of image and map translation validation.


Google not only provides the search engine, Gmail, Google Plus, Google News etc. However, is additionally working in numerous sectors to supply the simplest user experience. Hope you liked the brief info concerning these hidden Google projects.

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