Some Cool Facts About Google
Some Interesting Facts About Google
October 28, 2017

Google has launched Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones at the just-concluded event. The two phones will be available in India during the first wave of sales. Google has also launched Google Home Mini and Google Home Max speakers at the event. Also unveiled were wireless earphones called the Pixel Buds.
The search giant launched its Pixel-book hybrid laptop as well. There was also an AI-driven camera called Google Clips which was showcased by the company.

The designs for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are remarkable: in its second year of making phone hardware, Google is establishing an aesthetic that isn’t just consistent but is distinct from what both Apple and Samsung are doing. Google hardware is all about pragmatism and approachability.

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The new Pixels also seem like pretty good phones.


Google Pixel 2 specifications

First up, the Pixel 2 specifications include a 5-inch full-HD OLED display, no 3.5mm headphone jack, and a fingerprint sensor that the company says is the fastest in the industry. As for the Pixel 2 XL, the handset has a 6-inch near an edge-to-edge display with QHD resolution. There is also a new feature called Active Edge that lets you squeeze the phone to trigger Google Assistant, similar to the squeezable display of HTC U11. Both the phones have the Always-On display, and Android Oreo out-of-the-box, with support for minimum 3 years of OS and security updates.

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will come with octa-core Snapdragon 835 processor (four 2.35GHz cores + four 1.9GHz cores), with 4GB RAM. Storage options include 64GB and 128GB capacities, with unlimited online storage for photos and videos. The two phones have the 12.2-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front camera with portrait selfies, bokeh effect, OIS, and EIS, as well as Motion Photos (similar to iPhone’s Live Photos). The former will come in Just Black, Clearly White and Kinda Blue colors, while the latter in Just Black and Black & White colors. There’s USB Type-C port, Bluetooth 5.0 + LE, stereo speakers, dual-band Wi-Fi, GPS, GLONASS, and NFC. Pixel 2 battery capacity is 2700mAh, and 3520mAh for Pixel 2 XL.

The best smartphone camera, again

Taking great photos and videos is one of the things you do most with your phone, so Pixel 2 set out to deliver the best photography experience. You get stunningly crisp, clear, and detailed photos in any light. You can also take high-quality portrait shots with the perfect background blurs, from both the front and back camera. New motion photos capture a few seconds of video around the shot so you can relive the moment around the picture. The Pixel 2 camera is powered by our computational photography and machine learning (ML) capabilities which make all these great features easy, fun and fast for you to use.

Here are some of the hardware changes Google is cramming into its camera stack:

  • It’s switching to a dual-pixel sensor on the back, which means that every single pixel is made of two smaller ones.
  • It’s adding optical image stabilization for photos and videos, in addition to electronic image stabilization.
  • The dual-pixel setup means that the pixels in the sensor are slightly smaller than last year’s Pixel: 1.4μm vs. 1.55μm.
  • To compensate for the smaller pixels, the aperture on the lens is opening up to let in more light: f/1.8 compared to last year’s f/2.0.
  • Although it gets more advanced phase detection for focus with the dual pixels, it’s keeping laser autofocus, too.
  • It’s individually calibrating each phone in the factory to account for the tiny distortions that are inevitable on every camera lens.

Search what you see

Pixel 2 owners will also get an exclusive preview of Google Lens—a new set of visual smarts that help you learn more about the world around you and get things done. Lens builds on Google’s advancements in computer vision and ML, combined with our Knowledge Graph which underpins Google Search. From day one, on your Pixel 2, you’ll be able to look up landmarks, books, music albums, movies and artwork by clicking on the Lens icon in Google Photos. You can also use Google Lens to copy URLs and contact info from a picture of a poster or business card. We’ll add capabilities on an ongoing basis, including the use of Lens in the Google Assistant.


when you hold a Samsung Galaxy phone (or, for the terribly transient time I have to be compelled to attempt it, the iPhone X), you’re hit in the face with the flashiness: recurvate screen notches for face-detecting cameras, the chrome, and therefore the tawdriness.

Google’s not going for all that. These phones aren’t homely, however, they’re conjointly not flashy. they need glass “shades” on the rear for the antennas to figure, and that they have bezels to deal with the speakers. you would possibly not get folks at a bar oohing and aahing over the look, however, you may get the sensible advantages of an easier style. The screen doesn’t curve around the sides just like the S8, however, you don’t ought to worry regarding scoundrel touches. There’s no notch on the screen enabling actually edge-to-edge style, however, there’s also… no notch on the screen. There’s no shiny glass, however, the end of the metallic element makes it easier to grip. whenever it faced a style trade-off, Google selected the additional pragmatic choice.


That’s to not say there aren’t spectacular style elements to suggests. There aren’t any visible antenna lines anyplace on the XL’s metallic element unibody. even supposing the 6-inch screen on the XL may not technically count as edge-to-edge, it still fits a way larger screen in a very body that’s simply to a small degree larger than last year’s pixel XL, that had a five.5-inch screen. On both, you’ll see that there’s no camera bump on the far side a rather raised ridge around the lens.


As it will per annum, Google is kidding with however you Google on the Google phone.


The biggest modification — and therefore the biggest gimmick — is that you just will squeeze the edges of the pixel 2 to launch the Google Assistant. Mario Queiroz, VP of product management for Google’s shopper hardware division, says, “What we tend to try to try and do with Active Edge wasn’t creating it a gimmick, [but instead ask] however might it perform a helpful perform.” one in all those functions is additionally silencing the phone once it’s ringing.

The Google pixel 2 home screen is new, too: Google places a large Google search button at the lowest, integrated into the dock. It conjointly integrated the search box you see with the app drawer therewith button. thus there are one fewer thanks to Google currently. it’ll conjointly concentrate to your wallpaper: if it’s dark, the app launcher and notification shade can mechanically switch to a dark mode to match.

The pixel 2 also will be the primary phone to completely support Google Lens, the company’s new system for recognizing objects in photos. To start, it’ll solely work on many classes like books, film posters, business cards, and landmarks. Lens isn’t engineered directly into the camera, though: it’s a button on either the Google Photos app or within the Google Assistant


The Google Assistant, more helpful for you

The Google Assistant makes several tasks from causation a text or creating a decision, to finding associate degree answer—faster, easier and hands-free. You won’t edit the text messages you dictate as typically as you are doing with alternative assistants. With Google pixel 2, you’ll access your Google Assistant with a brand new feature referred to as Active Edge. simply offer the phone a fast squeeze even once it’s in a very case and raise the Assistant for what you would like.

Your Assistant currently helps you manage additional settings and apps on your phone. you’ll say “turn on don’t disturb” on your method into the arena, rather than navigating settings, and shortly you’ll be ready to book concert tickets or get flowers. you’ll manage your music, your good home devices and notice answers to just about something.

Just give me the deets, already

Google Pixel 2 comes in 2 sizes, with similar nice options in each. There’s the 5-inch pixel 2 with a crystal-clear medium OLED show, that comes in precisely Black, Clearly White and sort of Blue. The 6-inch pixel 2 XL incorporates a razor-sharp pOLED 18:9 show that allows us to form a full screen, immersive viewing expertise, and comes in precisely Black and Black & White.

Both phones are steam-powered by Android 8.0 oreo and come with AN always-on show that enables you to see notifications at a look on Pixel’s screen while not having to the touch the facility button. The new currently enjoying feature, exclusive to the pixel, shows you what song is kidding you. along with your permission, it matches music to an info of thousands of songs that’s keep on your device, while not causation any info to Google.


NOTE: All images are taken from Google Search.



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