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November 1, 2017
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November 10, 2017
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Site security is very important from hackers. Google captcha will help you for securing your site. It’s easy to add in your site. Just follow the few steps and get your site key. reCAPTCHA protects web users from spam and abuse where they’re going. these days we’re excited to introduce the new Android API of reCAPTCHA (see our blog). As a part of Google SafetyNet API, it mitigates risks on mobile through increased security and uses the newest Invisible reCAPTCHA technology to contour user expertise. Get developer updates here.

There is two method for adding Google Captcha –

  1. With code
  2. With Plugin


1) With code – Let’s start with some easy steps

Step 1: firstly login to and generate your website Unique reCAPTCHA code.

Step 2: Go to your WordPress admin panel. Open up Edit templates. Find and edit the header file. Paste this snippet before the closing </head> tag on your HTML template.

and save the file. Follow the below image –




Step 3: Open up and edit your contact-us.php file. Paste this snippet at the end of the <form> where you want the reCAPTCHA widget to appear and save the file.

That’s it, now the Google reCAPTCHA shows up on your contact form.




This is the first method. Now move on to the second method.

2) With Plugin  –

google captcha plugin

You can use “Google Captcha plugin.   Google Captcha (reCaptcha) plugin is an effective security solution that protects your WordPress website forms from spam entries while letting real people pass through with ease. It can be used for login, registration, password recovery, comments, popular contact forms, and other.

Users are required to confirm that they are not a robot before the form can be submitted. It’s easy for people and hard for bots. You can also visit the demo.


  • Registration form
  • Login form
  • Reset password form
  • Comments form
  • Contact Form
  • Custom form
  • Multilingual and RTL ready
  • Add custom code via plugin settings page
  • Hide Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) in your forms for certain user roles


google captcha plugin setting


You can also take help of this video tutorial – Link

Hope it was helpful! Good luck!

NOTE: Images are taken from Google Image Search.

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