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Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging app within the world, boasting over 1.2 billion users. however it’s also one of the most power-hungry and memory intensive apps on your entire phone. However, a new version of the app has simply been revealed that would give your struggling smartphone another lease of life. It’s referred to as messenger lite

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Facebook has created its messenger lite app out there in additional countries, permitting everybody to use the slimmed-down, quicker and a lot of efficient version of its app.

The light version works by obtaining obviate several of the additional, largely useless elements of the app, like Facebook Stories and gifs. In therefore doing, it cuts out the foremost intensive things that run once traveler is open, permitting users to avoid the wasting area, useless information and usually avoid the numerous further options that have created their means into Messanger recently.

Facebook messenger lite is currently accessible to the majority with associate degree android phone, although there is still no iOS version. It is often downloaded as normal, through the Google Play Store, and you’ll keep each the light and full-sized version of the app on your phone if you want.

There are 3 main reasons to use the app.

It needs so much less data, creating it cheaper and easier to use on costly or dangerous connections. The code powering the app is slimmed down, and it conjointly cannot receive massive files like photos or gifs, which means that those things will not tax your data connection either.

For similar reasons, and since it absolutely was originally envisaged as a tool for rising markets, it’s been built to run on as several devices as possible. thus even previous and unsupported phones are able to run messenger lite, not like the way more exclusive full-fat messenger app.


The official messenger app takes up a complete of 177MB, 153MB of that is that the app itself plus 25MB of additional data, while the lite version takes up simply 17MB, of that 15MB within the app itself and 1.5MB in additional data. Likewise, the cache generated with a couple chats implodes from over 15MB within the original to merely 1MB in lite, primarily because the photos you send and receive don’t pre-load. Unless you specifically tap on one, all you’ll see maybe a low-res thumbnail of every.


RAM consumption

One of the most virtues of messenger lite compared with the unofficial lite clients is that it will run properly within the background and show notifications in real time after you get a brand new message without having to use the annoying chat bubbles from the normal client. this implies we are able to compare the RAM consumption in each case in 3 totally different statuses: once you’re using the app, once the app is running in the background, and once the app is closed however still sending notifications.



To take these measures we’ve used the simple System Monitor app, that displays the period of time changes in RAM consumption for every of the 2 apps. As you’ll be able to see the data, total RAM consumption for the lite version is half that of the original.

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