Facebook Messenger vs Messenger Lite: Which is better?
October 12, 2017
facebook marketing

Facebook the most used social network in the world for marketing. A day is not complete while not scrolling Facebook feed. Facebook could have started as a social network for school students, but, by now, nearly everybody with a web association is using it. Facebook isn’t just for meet friends we tend to use Facebook as a business platform. We will do selling using Facebook Marketing. It is a great way to keep customers familiar regarding your business in order that they can reach you. Facebook is an extremely straightforward way to notice, provide, and represents the business in the best ways that possible.

Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing –

facebook marketing

  • Business Page
  • Advertising
  • Contest
  • Cover Photo
  • Groups


1. Facebook Business Page – 

A Facebook page is a marketing tool for business. Your Facebook business page will usually be the primary place your guests head to when a Google search. You can share links, images, and posts on a business page to give user better knowledge about your business. Pages are free and easy to set up.

2.  Facebook Advertising – 

Facebook Advertising is a Classic way to advertise a product in front of customers. Using Facebook advertising “Likes” may be very useful, once a user likes your page, they basically become followers of your business page, and your posts can seem on their Facebook news feed. Facebook ads appear in the side columns of the Facebook site. Facebook advertising features include – targeting audience according to age, location, education, and interests,  set ads budget.

3. Facebook Contest –

Facebook contests may be an another way to market your business. The Facebook marketing plan of action that may increase fans and whole awareness. In Contest you cannot ask for entries, people participate and write answers in the comments, etc. Using Contest business gain immediate sales, drive additional traffic to your e-commerce store and find additional Facebook Fans. Facebook Contest is a great way to launch a new product or promote an event.

4. Facebook cover photo – 

The Facebook cover image may be an excellent spot for a few self-promotion. A Facebook cover image will act sort of a promotional signboard. Facebook cover image have info regarding new product or Contest so that each one guest see.

5. Facebook Groups – 

Creating your own Facebook group are often an efficient way to gather your fans in one place and encourage them to interact with your business. You can create groups associated with your business or product offerings as a way to achieve bent on potential customers.

6. Facebook video post – 

A short video post is often very compelling if your product has strong visual attractiveness. It may be an excellent way to interact with followers or give them a behind-the-scenes inspect your company, your product, or a number of the key personalities involved with your company.

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