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November 9, 2017
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November 14, 2017
Extreme Social Sites Addiction- These Apps Help you

What is Social Sites Addiction?

Social sites addiction could be a phrase generally used to talk over with somebody spending an excessive amount of time using on social media.  Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and different types of social media. Most in order that it interferes with different aspects of everyday life.

There’s no official medical recognition of social sites addiction as a sickness or disorder. Still, the cluster of behaviours related to the serious or excessive use of social media has become the topic of abundant discussion and analysis. But there are also some apps available in the Play store to overcome this addiction.

Social Fever

social-feverDo you realize it hard to tear yourself off from your smartphone? Curious to understand a way to pass through your smartphone addiction? Then Social Fever is that the excellent app for you! It helps you set goals and tracks the time you pay on your smartphone. This could sound counter-intuitive, but in today’s situation, wherever we use our phone for pretty much everything. It’s the simplest solution to cure your addiction. The app is fighting fireplace with fire!

How does it work?

Once installed, Social Fever works in the background and when necessary shows alert messages. It collects your activity details and delivers a straightforward to grasp report for past seven days.


  • Let’s you limit app usage by setting timers
  • Let’s you track your mobile phone usage for better understating of what’s ‘wise usage’
  • Keeps tabs on what number times you unlocked the phone
  • Monitors app for usage and shows a pop message
  • Detects if user spends an excessive amount of time on social media
  • It is light-weight on system resources and consumes less phone battery
  • Includes easy and simple weekly reports
  • Has associate intuitive and easy interface


AppDetox – App Blocker for Digital Detox

AppDetox – App Blocker for Digital DetoxGet additional social time for your life, block apps and spent less time on the phone!

AppDetox helps you to settle down your mobile app usage, and take a digital ward. you’re ready to set your own rules for your apps to ward from some significant usage and stop procrastinating and phubbing. Lock your apps with this app locker.

Every time you violate one of your own rules, AppDetox can inform you to require a clear stage and stop your significant app usage. you’ll additionally keep track of those violations in an exceeding log. Some individuals are mistreatment AppDetox for parental management of their kid’s screen time.


SPACE – Break phone addiction

SPACE – Break phone addictionA personalised program supported your own phone usage habits and personality. The opportunity to line and refine your goals for time spent on your phone and range of unlocks. Usage watching to check your phone usage patterns, with a fast way to track your progress over the course of sixty days. You’ll be able to read usage stats for your most used apps to shed light-weight on however you’re extremely using your phone.

Tools, like screen dimming, notification blocker and space-time to assist you to disconnect. Non-intrusive notifications to interrupt your unhealthy phone behaviour and to stay you not of course. Achievements for meeting your goals which can build a good looking Space over time. The opportunity to share your results with friends and family with space pro, to assist them to recover from their unhealthy phone usage.


MyAddictometer – Mobile addiction tracker

MyAddictometer – Mobile addiction trackerMyAddictometer is a productivity tool that empowers folks to stay their mobile addiction under control. It is a great tool to spot & predict when the user spends longer on a smartphone. It is useful for college students & professionals to avoid wasting & utilize time by staying far from their smartphone.

Most folks aren’t even conscious of the addiction we’ve got for our smartphones. Once we begin seeing the info then we perceive the extent of our addiction to those devices. This app will assist you to track your smartphone addiction.

MyAddictometer analyzes your smartphone usage behaviour and provides you consolidated mobile usage trends and information. This app is an honest arrange to fight the smartphone addiction and take back the management of life from the digital world.


(OFFTIME) – Distraction Free

(OFFTIME) – Distraction FreeAndroid app ( OFFTIME ) is the classic app for Social Addicts. OFFTIME allows you to track and customise your connectivity (and limit phone usage). Thus you’ll do the things that matter. Unplug, digital detox and concentrate on your work, have quality time without distractions with the individuals you care concerning, or just relish some peace of mind.

With ( OFFTIME ) for android you can:

  • Block calls, texts, and notifications
  • Calls and texts from VIP contacts stay unblocked
  • send custom auto-replies
  • Comprehensive list of missed phone activity
  • limit your access to apps and net (exit with delay and no manual stop selectable)
  • Limit phone usage
  • Use profiles that suit your desires (Pro: multiple profiles)
  • schedule and auto-start profiles along with your calendar (Pro)
  • use widgets for quick access
  • Track phone and app usage, get analytics + compare yourself with others
  • Set yourself goals and limit your smartphone usage
  • Use reminders that alarm regarding excessive usage

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