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December 14, 2017
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December 20, 2017

When you are creating a WordPress membership site or moving to a different WordPress hosting plan, you may need to export WordPress users data to a CSV file. CSV stands for Comma-separated values, CSV file is plain text files where each user data field is separated by a comma. CSV files can be opened in any spreadsheet software like Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, etc. The default WordPress export tools do not let you export WordPress users data. Default WordPress export features only exports posts and pages. The WordPress export tools do not let you export user accounts.

If you have another software or even another WordPress site with user data that you want to re-use you have no options to do that by default. We are going to talk a little bit more about the user management aspect of WordPress, with special care about user imports. It allows you to create user accounts during the import, only if those users have content. This excludes user roles with no writing privileges like subscribers or customers in an e-commerce store. If you are moving a WordPress website, then user data will already be included in your WordPress database backup.

Steps to easily export WordPress users data to a CSV file –

  • Firstly you need to install and activate the Export Users to CSV plugin which you can download for free.
  • Now go to Users -> Export Users to CSV page to configure plugin settings.


  • Select the user role you want to export, you can choose to export users from every role or a particular one such as Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber. The plugin also allows you to select a date range to download only users who joined during that period.
  • Now click on the export button to continue.
  • Once you have downloaded the CSV file, you can open it in a spreadsheet program or import it.

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