How to Bypass Android Lock Screen- Android Hacks
How to Bypass Android Lock Screen- Android Hacks
October 31, 2017
Cool Hidden Features that every Nougat user should know

Android “Nougat” (Android N) is the seventh major version of the Android OS. Initially released as alpha test version on March 9, 2016. Nougat had been officially released on August 22, 2016, with Nexus devices. Nexus devices are the first to receive the Nougat update. The LG V20 was the first smartphone released with nougat.

Nougat comes with many cool features. Most of them are known to everyone, but Nougat also provides some hidden features that few users knew. In this post, we enlight some Cool hidden features of the Android Nougat.

Quick Switch

Nougat currently permits you to modify back and forth between the 2 most recent apps by double tapping the recent app button. It also works in split-screen or full-app mode. This trick is very useful for the users who use muti-apps at a time.

Split-Screen Mode

Split-Screen Mode

Split-screen works in portrait and landscape modes. once you have one app open, you’ll simultaneously access another app by long-pressing the recent apps button (the very little square one) to prompt a carousel of apps on the side. (You’ll notice that when you enter split-screen mode, the recent apps button transforms into a brand new hamburger icon.) you’ve got some restricted ability to size windows (but only in portrait mode?). you’ll exit spit-screen by dragging the barrier all the thanks to one side or long-pressing on the recent apps button.

Easy Notification Editing

Nougat offers you the power to simply access app-notification preferences by long-pressing on a specific notification. Long pressing slightly pushing it to the side to reveal a gear icon. This small trick even works on the lock screen.

Easter Egg Nougat

Easter Egg Nougat

The last 2 android OSes have boasted hidden Flappy Bird games with either marshmallow or Lollipop themes. it absolutely was super hard. However, nougat changes it up with some reasonably weird cat game. Okay, this one’s slightly difficult, thus here’s what you do:

  1. You initially access this Easter egg just like the others: Settings > About Phone and repeatedly tap “Android 7.0” (or no matter version you have) to prompt a large nougat logo (a huge “N”).
  2. Long press the logo till you see a little cat emoji at the lowest of the screen.
  3. Swipe down from the highest to cite the notification shade.
  4. Hit “Edit” and scroll down and you will realize slightly cat face icon with the label “???? Android Easter egg“. Drag and drop that on top of the fold where you need.
  5. Currently, once you swipe down the shade, you will see a tile for “empty plate.” tap that to prompt an alternative of 4 cat treats and select one.
  6. Now, wait. Eventually, your phone can apprise you that you’ve got caught a cat. You can have fun with that.

Display Size

Do you bored of font size that your mobile provides? Or want a bigger size. This hidden feature could help you.

You can modify the “display” size on your device to bigger all the text and icons. Access this feature via  Display > Display size to settle on between 5 completely different settings.

Separate Wallpaper for Lock and Home Screen

It’s easy to access: Long-press on the home screen to alter the wallpaper image and once you decide on that wallpaper you would like, you will find a screen asking if you need to form that wallpaper for your home screen, lock screen, or both.

Easy Notification bar Editing

Easy Notification bar EditingWant quick access to the setting of your choice through the notification?

Once you pull down the notification shade, you can find quick settings here. But sometimes you want more settings or fewer settings. Nougat allows you to customize the notification panel as you want. Till now it provides a limited setting shortcut.

To do so, click on edit at the bottom of notification shade. Now you are in edit mode. Drag and drop to add and arrange your settings.


Although android N provides many cool features, there is still some cool hidden features. These features can make your mobile experience to next level. You can fastly switch between two apps using Quick Switch. Also work on two apps instantly with split screen. Make your notification bar as per your requirement.

NOTE: Images are taken from Google Image Search

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