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October 6, 2017
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Cool Browser Tricks- Use Internet As Pro

Internet browsers are one thing that the majority folks use each single day; they supply a gateway to all or any the helpful, weird, and tremendous stuff that the net must supply. With some cool browser tricks, you can make your internet experience awesome.

Given the frequency with that we tend to move with them, it’d be tempting to suppose you’re a browser-using master. In truth, only a few folks are. There square measure continuously a lot of tips, a lot of browser tricks, and a lot of ways in which you’ll be able to improve your skills.

In this post, we look into some cool browser tricks that lead your user experience to a next level.

  • Restore a Tab
  • Autocomplete URL
  • Switch Between Tabs
  • Reverse Image Search
  • Highlight the URL
  • Clear the Cache

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Restore a Tab

We’ve all closed a tab unintentionally. It’s annoying, particularly if you’d gone down associate degree Internet-sized hole and weren’t positive what website you were even on. within the past, you’d have to be compelled to navigate to your browser’s history and reload it from there, tho’ most browsers a minimum of currently provide a “Recently Closed Tabs” list.

Autocomplete URL

If you enter plain text into your browser’s search box and hit Enter, you’ll be conferred with an inventory of search results from your search supplier of selection.

If you recognize the uniform resource locator of the location you would like to go to, you’ll be able to save yourself a number of keystrokes by pressing Ctrl + Enter – it’ll wrap your entered text with a web. and a .com

Switch Between Tabs

ALT + Tab is one in all the foremost common keyboard shortcuts on Windows, it’ll allow you to flick between the assorted programs that area unit presently open.

Did you recognize that browsers have an identical operate for sport between you open tabs? Ctrl + Tab can move you one tab to the proper, whereas Ctrl + Shift + Tab can move you one tab to the left.

On Chrome and Firefox, you’ll additionally use Ctrl + 1-8 to leap straight to a tab, with the amount used appreciate the order of tabs on the highest of your screen.

Reverse Image Search

If so, try out Google’s reverse image search. Head to and either clicks the camera icon in the search bar or drag and drop an image from your computer.

Highlight the URL

Using keyboard shortcuts will typically be quicker than employing a mouse. We tend to all grasp the commands for cut, copy, and paste, however, this can be another nice one to feature to your repertoire.
Press Ctrl + L to mechanically choose and highlight the present site’s universal resource locator. It’s extremely helpful for quickly sharing links or repeating them into a brand new tab.

Clear the Cache

“Cache” will see several things in computing, however in web terms, it applies to the temporary storage of web content and images; it helps to scale back information measure usage, server load, and lag. Sites are loaded from the cache as long as sure conditions are met.

Sometimes, a cache will get corrupted. If this can be the case, you’ll simply delete the cache and reload the right version of the page by striking Ctrl + Shift + R.


With some cool browser tricks, we can take our surfing experience to next level. You can see these tricks are so simple to remember. You can use Google Chrome browser easily with extensions. For must-have extension for chrome, please check our post.

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