7 significant facts that you need to consider when creating a website for your business
May 22, 2021

Link building is serving as one vital aspect for enhanced Google rankings. Yet, it contains countless minor details and features for a person to explore keenly. It can get stressful sometimes, demand thorough research and experiments, thereby yielding impactful results. According to most SEO experts, link building will open up more doors for innovation and advancement. Your battle to generate top-quality links will soon encounter many challenges and increase the probability of slips and falls. Thus, the need for an extensive guide to shield against such mistakes come fall.
The following carefully put together points will cover the troublesome and probable link building blunders to enjoy seamless progress.

Prioritizing quantity:

If you have low-quality content, you will not get back-links from other sites in your niche. There are certain key features of link-worthy content that you can follow to get higher back-links. Ask yourself if the content answers pressing questions in your niche market. You can also scroll through forums like Quora and Reddit to determine which topics are the most in-demand. Trendy themes are the best for link building since they usually get you a lot of visitors. Always try to innovate your content. Consider putting a unique spin on the old subjects. Now that you have decided on a topic, you need to ensure that visitors to your site do not bounce because of low-quality content.

Deciding between long and short form:

Long-form content is better than short-form content. HubSpot’s expert analysis suggests that well-researched blog posts covering topics in detail do better than other blog posts. The articles with the most links were 10,000 words long. So, it is time to leave behind the short and thin blogs for longer ones. Considering the downsides, for link building, never risk the quality for quantity. Break up large chunks of your long-form content with visual aids and videos to break the monotony.

Centered focus on domain authority:

Many SEOs focus on Domain Authorities (DA) entirely. It helps users tangibly predict how well their site will do on a search engine result page (SERP). It is easy to use and understand. But relying on a third-party metric as an indicator of Google ranking is nothing short of folly. And therein lies the biggest problem with DA; it comes from Moz, unlike DR, that is a product of Ahref. People mistakenly equate DA with Google PageRank, but they forget that such metrics can only estimate how Google measures sites’ authority. It is not a sure thing. The same is true for other metrics such as Trust Flow and URL Rank.

Planting link seeds for the future

Sites can also miss out on planting link seeds for the future since they are too focused on targeting those domains with a high DA. Higher DA links are tough to acquire, and it takes time to get a high DA link. If you spend too much getting the High DA link, you will most likely ignore smaller links to get a more authoritative domain in the future. Another problem with this approach is that often sites lose on relevant backlinks just because they were too focused on the metrics. A backlinks is a living, breathing thing, and just focusing on one aspect might mean reduced traffic and SERP rankings.

Unwise selection

Link Building is a rough business. Take advantage of everything and anything when promoting your site. Great content has excellent timing, so it pays to listen to your gut about seasonality and timing. If you think your content will do better in a particular season, then do not waste it since site owners will also link to your content when it is the most relevant. When publishing such content, use seasonal hooks to elevate it. So, if you are creating content on the presidential election, this the season to produce it!

Inappropriate anchoring:

Just having a link on a site is not enough. You need to make sure that you are using a proper anchor text as well. Never use too many optimized anchor texts from different sites. It is a black hat SEO strategy. You may end up getting penalized for doing it. Google marks optimized anchor text as spam, and if Google catches you using these strategies, you may face a penalty. Always use an anchor text that tells people about the link. People avoid clicking on anchor texts with general words like ‘click here’ because they appear suspicious. For natural link building, blend your phrasing and keywords.

Buying backlinks:

Buying backlinks is appealing, we know! It is great to think that your site will get many backlinks without any effort on your part. But it is the worst thing you can do to your site. Backlink buying or link scheming is a black hat strategy that can get you penalized by Google for up to six months or more. Some people use link farms to evade Google guidelines, but Google tracks the footprints of such sites. Always consider the risk to cost ratio before using any such tactics to increase link building.

Using public blog networks (PBNS):

Most people use PBNs to build backlinks, but it is unclear if using PBNs is allowed or not. According to some, the use of PBNs is a black hat strategy, while others insist it is a gray hat technique. In our opinion, it depends on how you use a PBN. If you use it to manipulate your SERP ranking, it violates the Google terms of service. But if you are using PBN to link related websites, then it is perfectly fine. How can you tell which practices to avoid? Always keep in mind that link building should look natural. If there is even a hint of deceit, Google will bring down the hammer on you hard. Avoid creating thin content. Don’t link to irrelevant websites and make a lot of good quality content.


You can make several mistakes while building links. Your links must be worthy to rank since all of these mistakes are easily preventable. The most important thing to consider when creating content for link building is its sound quality content that people would want to share. All backlinks need to appear natural. Sites should avoid using black hat techniques such as link buying and link farming to make backlinks seem organic. Creators would always listen to their instinct and release content at optimal times.
Steer clear the ugly facts of link building and keep your rankings untouched!

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