Cool WhatsApp tricks everyone should know
Cool WhatsApp tricks everyone should know
October 2, 2017
Cool Browser Tricks- Use Internet As Pro
Cool Browser Tricks- Use Internet As Pro
October 11, 2017
Must have Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is one among the most effective Mobile browser for android mobile. In Google Chrome you get surprisingly quick browsing net with uncountable features. Like PC, they additionally created a nice browser for the smartphones. Here, in this post, some google chrome tricks, google chrome tips and options that you just will use along with your Google Chrome Browser. you’ll conjointly improve the performance of your Google Chrome Browser with these superb tricks.

In this post, we look into these cool Google Chrome tricks for Android Phone

  • Switch tabs easily
  • Move the address bar to the bottom
  • Perform most functions in one tap
  • Force reader mode
  • Tap a word to search for it
  • Access emails, phone numbers, and addresses easily
  • Scrolling through ‘Find in page’ results

Switch tabs easily

Switching tabs sometimes need tapping the tabs button, scrolling through a listing, and choosing the one you wish. however, there are 2 alternative ways in which to alter the present tab.

First, you’ll swipe across the address bar to change between them.

Second, you will swipe down on the address bar to ascertain the complete list, and faucet the one you wish.

Move the address bar to the bottom

If you own a bigger phone, you may understand reaching the highest of the screen in one-handed use may be tough. By default, the Chrome address bar sits at the top of the screen. there is a way to move it to an all-time low, using the Chrome Home flag.

Simply paste chrome://flags/#enable-chrome-home into Chrome, tap the highlighted choose menu, press ‘Enabled’, and restart the browser. To reverse this, merely set the flag to ‘Default’ and restart Chrome once more. detain mind that this feature remains under development.

Perform most functions in one tap

If you wish to access one thing within the overflow menu, you’ll be able to make out in one tap. Simply hold down on the menu button, and let go once you drag your finger to the right choice.

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Force reader mode

Reader mode at first showed up in Chrome 39, then went away, then re-appeared in Chrome 45. Very similar to reader mode in alternative browsers, it makes reading articles easier by only showing basic data format. By default, the option for reader mode only appears once Chrome thinks you are reading a piece of writing, however, you’ll be able to build it appear additional often or all the time.

Simply paste chrome://flags/#reader-mode-heuristics into Chrome, and press the highlighted select box. Here you’ll be able to activate Reader mode for pages structured as articles (pages that have a header, body text, etc), pages that Chrome thinks ar articles (the default option), or all pages. you’ll be able to additionally utterly turn it off.

Once you choose a choice, you’ll have to restart the browser to visualize any changes.

Tap a word to search for it

For those of you who have used Chrome for a while, this feature is also obvious, however, it’s still valued pointing out. once tapping on a word (or short phrase), a pop-up seems at the bottom that you simply will swipe up for search results. you’ll be able to tap on the title of the pop-up once more to open the search results in a replacement Chrome tab.

Access emails, phone numbers, and addresses easily

If you have got ever tried safari on iOS, you would possibly have detected however the browser automatically turns phone numbers into links. Chrome on automaton will one thing similar, however, it’s tied into the higher than ‘tap to search’ feature.

Pressing an email address creates a cutoff to create a brand new message, tapping an address will take you to the placement in Google Maps, and pressing a phone number displays a shortcut to call the number.

Scrolling through ‘Find in page’ results

When using Chrome’s ‘Find in page’ search, you do not need to simply press the up/down arrows to navigate through results. you’ll be able to also swipe up and down on the proper bar, as seen above, to quickly scroll through matches.


Although Google Chrome for smartphone provides many features. But sometime some of functions are hidden. So these Google Chrome Tricks introduce you to some of them. Hope these chrome tricks help you.

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