Haven’t you seen several bots scrolling on different websites doing searches and
chatting with visitors. These bot not only make websites interactive but also drag users
to come back frequently. There are several open source chat bots available on the
internet like chatGPT . ChatGPT is getting huge attention recently due to its path
breaking features . It has crossed the mark of a million users in less than a week. It
comes up with dozens of features which makes it popular among users so let’s know
more about some cool advantages of using ChatGPT.
ChatGpt is an open source Artificial intelligence powered chat bot which replies in dialog
based pattern. It is developed by OpenAI Inc. . It uses a different language model
which enables its deep learning program to generate a text that resembles human-like
talk. With its advanced algorithms it can generate anything like stories, solutions to the
mathematical problems, even produce theoretical essays. It can reply to short
conversations and possess the ability to find results from the web.

Features of ChatGPT

1 ) Unique Memory Retention

ChatGPT comes with unique memory retention capabilities which enables it to store previous
results and make further use of these stored data. Most bots face problems while replying to a
chat or searching for information as they do not have memory to make advanced searches or to
perform deep algorithms. With large data only a limited data operation could be performed with
other bots. ChatGPT can perform operations on large data and can perform deep algorithms to
produce quality results. This ChatGPT can remember previous comments and can utilize this
data in conversation to give a human-like feel while responding to a human input.

2) Advance Learning Algorithm

ChatGPT is programmed with such advance algorithms that it could learn itself from the
behaviour of its user and adopt accordingly. It learns automatically each time user enters data
and analyse these data to predict the behavioral patterns to act according to a certain user. With
these learning it can provide better suggestions in different areas from searching on the web to
writing a poem or essays.

3) Complex Problems solving

This newly developed AI is specially designed in such a way that it not only can perform small
operations like previous chat bots but can answer all problems from writting stories to historical
papers and complex mathematical equations. Due to its memory retention capabilities it can
also store previous results which it quite nessesary for doing large calculation or performing
advance searches.

4) Advance Training

This machine algorithm is pre trained with a large amount of data like 570gb of discrete data
and Wikipedia pages to different information of about 200 billion words was fed for training the
algorithm making it smart enough to answer any problem from maths to history and even stories
and poem.

5) Platforms independent

Like most chat bots are designed to perform on specific platform and device but this ChatGPT is
independent of platform as well as device and it could be used from phone ,desktop tablets and
computers and other devices without compromising performance on any device or platform.

6) Works without network

This quality of ChatGPT makes it really special from other open-source chat while other bots
need an internet connection to perform its functionality while this ChatGPT can even run
seamlessly even without any connection. This makes it secure from any attacks or from getting
hacked and this bot and could be installed on servers which are high risk as it do not require
any external network to perform task. This can be useful in server storing important data as well.

7) Ability to adapt to any domain

Due to deep learning and training the ChatGPT can adapt easily to any domain whether it is for
business or healthcare or educational purposes. The main problem for previous chat bots was
each bot was designed for a specific category of domain and multiple bots needed to be
deployed for each task that makes the process complicated and slow but this bot can replace all
other bot and single handedly can deliver to all domain operations.

8) Quick in tasks

New improved programs help in speeding up the process and reduce the execution time in
small tasks like translations in different languages, summarisation and answering the questions
by user. Due to simplified programs, the speed of these tasks has been increased many fold.

9) Ability to be trained on custom data

Many of chat bot do not offer this feature to train your bot on your custom data set to improve
quality of generated results. Training on custom data provides multiple benefits to the user as it
eliminates any chance of error and train according to a set of data types which helps chat bot
algorithm to understand the pattern.

10) Real-time response

Unlike other chat bots ChatGPT offers real time response of the problems or any other
suggestions. These real time suggestions do come useful when writing an essay or solving a
problem; its advanced algorithms provide pre suggestions to add in your task

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