best ways to drive traffic to your website

Creating a good web site is just not enough in these times to get more attention. In this ocean of
websites and webpages it is important to divert traffic from multiple sources to your website for
its growth. Great content,themes and information will certainly be of no use unless it reaches its
target audience. Promoting your website on different platforms will help you get more visitors
and could result in gaining more ad revenue. Reaching your target audience rather than
searching for your website is the best possible way of gaining more traffic on the web site. Listed
down some of the major ways in which people on different parts of the internet could be directed
to your web site.

1 ) Promoting through Message of website

No matter how old school it may look this method is still an important way of gaining attention of
your audience about the type of content your web site posts. These contacts can either be taken
from your own website from users that have visited previously or can be taken from sources.
Sending personalized messages on occasions will also create an engagement with your
audience. Setting up message alerts for contents they might like will divert a handsome amount
of traffic to your web site as well.

2) Seeking Attention through emails

Emails are by far the easiest way of letting people know about your web site. Emails are easiest
to get and literally at no cost these promotional emails could be spread to a large number of
targeted audiences. These mails can further be personalized according to choices of a
particular individual. Email scheduling can be done to make people updated about the contents
on the website on a regular basis.

3) Contents by guest writers

To make a page instantly viral, some famous writers could be invited to share their thoughts on
your website, similar to how newspaper columns have articles from famous personalities. These
will create a hype among the audience and people would turn to your web site for that article by
the guest writer. Having an article from a person with a decent amount of following could result
in a large impact on the view count of your web page and this audience can even be directed to
other articles which they might be interested in through internal links.

4) Writing engaging headlines on website

Headlines play a vital role in making an opinion about the article user decide whether to open
that article or not on the basis of heading . Catchy article will certainly make keen interested in
clicking on that article . Headlines will make it easier to search including keywords that might
user lookup on the internet . Including these keywords in your heading will rank your web site up
in rankings and will show near top when users search for related articles.

5) Embedding social share button in website

Sharing a piece of content among a group could even create a hype about your website. But no
one wants a hectic way of sharing your web site so to avoid this dilemma, have a social share
button in your website that allows users to share your website among friends connected on
different social platforms . These sharing buttons which lead to different social platforms could
bring a large user base of that platform to your web site which were not even searching for the
your website results getting audience from different sources.

6) Hosting events and giveaways

Hosting events throughout the year is always a great way of engaging the audience. Large
websites like blogging and shopping web sites host events to offer discounts or prizes to their
audience. These are some of the ways they retain their consumer base. You can adopt it too by
offering giveaways to the visitors by hosting events. Such events are an effective way of making
your audience return to your page several times and attract new people to open your website.

7) Making online community

Approaching an audience is an important factor when it comes to diverting traffic on a web site.
Having a significant presence on different social platforms gives an opportunity for these
web sites creater to showcase contents on these websites to attract new audience . A small bit
of your web site could be share on these platforms to create hype among your audience.
Videos images could even provide a different way of showing your content. These social media
platforms can also be a place to interact with people and get their feedback.

8) Advertising of web

Advertisements are another way of bringing traffic to your web site. Putting ads on different
platforms and websites where people would generally look upto will attract audiences that are
interested in that similar kind of website. The perk of these kinds of advertisements is it will cost
some decent amount of money depending on the platform the ad has been put on. Putting ads
on similar web pages is an ideal scenario as you get traffic which are more likely to be
interested in your website.

9) Placing internal links

Internal links are links which direct the user to different web pages of the same website . These
are widely being uses in each website for referring to another article of the same website or
taking users to a totally different website. More of different articles or webpage links can be
included in one web-page,it allows the website to showcase more of its content that users might
be interest in and could divert traffic to web pages which were underperforming or are most

10) Promotion through social media influencers

Reaching a bunch of audience on its own is very tough for a website even when it has great
content. Creating hype about the website through people having decent following on social
platforms will boost the view count of the website to a large extent. Influencers can be hire for
promoting a website to their audience by sharing their opinion about your website and making
curiosity among their audience to check more about that website by visiting it. This might even
be cheaper than running advertisements on different platforms

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