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You might have heard this fact that social media is now getting more and more people to the said website. But, then you are here, still struggling to crack the most important code on ways to increase the website traffic through the art of social media. There is a whole bunch of mixed tactics and regulations available online, going through which will help you to drive traffic to the said website and blog, rightfully on daily basis. There are some of the most effective ways available where you can use your social media channels for the sake of driving some more visits over here. If you want to know more about the services and packages involved, then you better start with your own research values right away. It can give you the high you have been asking for such a long time now.

Ensure that the URL of the site is always visible and remains in the same manner:

Always remember that almost every form of social network will have designated sport or multiple of them for you to share on the website. So, it is always important for you to ensure that the web address of the URL of your official website is visible in the bio of the Instagram profile and even in the About Us Section. It is not just restricted for the IG users but for every possible social platform that you might come across. Some of those are Twitter, Facebook and so much more.

You can even get to improve your chances of getting more Instagram followers by following this basic norm over here for sure. Adding the URL of the website to some of the most viewed parts of your social media will not just give you and the profiles you have the legitimacy it needed, but it might direct the visitors, right to the next stop. They will start visiting the website then for sure. It is also a clever way to let the visitors know more about you and the company you run along with it.

Start to share the posts now:

There are multiple times when you might have written a blog post. It is a mandatory part of keeping your business alive in this hardcore online field. No matter how many times you have done that, make sure to take some time off and share the same on the social channels. Whether you have one social media channel or more, make sure to share it in all of them.

  • This form of step helps in with the search engine optimization or SEO, engagement and even with the results in some of the people viewing the posts lately in this regard.
  • There are so many businesses, which might be sharing blog posts once on Twitter and that’s all for it. But, then you have others in the list as well, who are likely to take note of the blog posts, which are evergreen in nature and will share the same multiple times all throughout the year.
  • They will do the same not just in one social media channel but across multiple of the social networks available in the market like LinkedIn, Facebook and even Google Plus, where the footfall is quite high.
  • On the other hand, it is always your responsibility to track all the available posts to see which one is likely to work the best and promises the utmost performance.
  • Some of the bigger names in the market are able to use UTM tracking. Now for those, who have not heard about this term first, they should get a glimpse of its knowledge first.
  • UTM primarily stands for Urchin Tracking Module, which are smaller tags added to the links, just for the sake of feeding information to the area of Google Analytics.
  • These notable tracking tags are the ones to allow you to see where the major traffic is coming from and how it is actually behaving right now. You can find out more about this service just for yourself and then get the chance to track posts with the help of free UTM builder for the smaller businesses out there.

Ways to start referring people right to your website:

There are multiple times when you might be getting some questions from your fans or followers on social media regarding the products or services you are dealing with. During such instances, you might refer to the person or people to site with the same answers.

  • For example, if they ask you about your opening time, you can easily refer them to the contact page for hours based details.
  • If they ask for availability of any of your product or service, make sure to share the link of the product page with them.
  • If they are asking about your location, direct them right to the embedded map on the website.
  • In case, they are asking for some help with a particular problem, then you can send them directly to the Support Page of your official website.

These few examples might help you get a clear idea of what it means by referring people to your official website. When you are running a business, it is your duty to think creatively and chances are high that you will be sending people to your site more than what you have anticipated, for a good return on investment.

No way other than a usual call to action:

After people have interacted with you over the social profiles, what will be the next step for you to take? It is time to inform the visitors of the place to visit to get details on call to action. Some of the common examples are “visit now,” “Share on Twitter” and even “Comment Below.” There are multiple social media networks available with buttons for the CTA. Then with other networks, you might have to place CTAs within posts.

Make sure to get the points covered right from the first till last to address needs well.

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