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January 10, 2018
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Do you need to boost your WordPress website search? we have a tendency to all grasp that the default WordPress search feature is fairly limiting. However, there are many WordPress search plugins which will assist you to improve the default search expertise. during this article, we’ll highlight the most effective Best Search Plugins and tutorials to customise and improve your website search.

Here is the list of Best Search Plugins –

  • SearchWP
  • Google Custom Search
  • Swiftype Search
  • Better Search
  • Search by Category


1) SearchWP

searchWp-Best Search Plugins

SearchWP could be a powerful custom search plugin for WordPress. it’s terribly simple to use and also the search results square measure comparatively a lot of correct.

It permits searches for your keyword in post/page title, content, slug, categories, tags, taxonomies, excerpt, and even comments. you’ll be able to manage the algorithmic program by distribution weight to every content kind from 1 to 10 wherever ten being the best.

2) Gooogle Custom Search

google custom search-Best Search Plugins

Custom Google Search holds the unbelievable power of the foremost widespread computer program to accentuate your web search results and ensures that you simply realize what you’re craving for. it’s not finite to your website solely and may be fashioned to look for multiple websites or domains through Google. It works with all types of internet sites and is very versatile. The search result displays in 3 formats.

On the search page
On the sidebar
As a pop
You can build the search look additional enticing victimization client designs. The search box will be placed on the sidebar victimization contrivance.

3) Swiftype Search

swiftype search-Best Search Plugins

The Swiftype Search plugin has relevancy and is VIP-approved by WordPress. it’s extremely fashionable because of its accuracy and skill to relinquish elaborate info regarding the search result. It permits the user to drag and drop and knowledge the moment changes in search results.

This plugin offers cloud-based service and reduces the load on your server. The computer program is extremely customizable through the Swiftype dashboard. The dashboard additionally provides analytics of what user information and you’ll modify your search engine there. Users are needed to check in for an account to utilize this plugin.

4) Better Search

better search-Best Search Plugins

Better Search is a powerful program that takes the place of the default WordPress search tool with higher choices and a lot of facilities. it’s a lot of relevant and provides search results supported the content of the page or post and date. the combination of guide pages expands the search criteria and build your website a lot of accessible. allow us to place some lightweight on its unbelievable options.

5) Search by Category

categorywise search-Best Search Plugins

Category Wise Search plugin permits you to feature a class drop to WordPress search. Users will limit their search to a particular class to slim down the results. The plugin additionally permits you to exclude classes from the search, and you’ll simply add it employing a widget for your sidebar.

We hope this article “Best Search Plugins” helped you improve your WordPress search.

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