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Best MS Word Hidden Features That Make you Typing Master

Microsoft Word is a beloved application utilized by typists everywhere the planet. The program is packed with every kind of options, several of that you may never encounter when you’re typing up a report, story, essay, or no matter else you may be acting on. We tend to present a bunch of MS Word Hidden Features. Here are some MS Word Hidden Features which will flip you into a master of Microsoft Word.

Type Anywhere with Double Click

MS Word provides you with the freedom to type anyplace without the requirement of positioning the pointer. Though this service has been with Word since 2002, it’s yet to be widespread. Simply do a double click and begin writing no matter you would like to. However, this feature works only with Print and Web Layout view.

Easy Translation

MS Word offers you the on the go translation with by the help of Microsoft Translator. Simply click on the analysis tab on the right and it allows you to select any language. You can translate any portion of the document or get the complete document translated on the online.

More Space To Work

Writers typically, want to figure in peace and hate any kind of distractions. However, generally, the unwanted Ribbons on Word may drag attention and may snap out someone from work-mood. Well, if you want to target your work, you can apply this trick where you’ll make the Ribbon disappear by doing Ctrl+F1 and work aiming at what you supposed.

Items In Clipboard

One of the most usable MS Word hidden features of Word is that you simply can hold up to 24 items within the clipboard. To get the access either do the Ctrl+C twice or click the drop-down arrow near the clipboard option within the Home tab. This permits you to cut and copy any range of elements and move them inside the doc.

Add text to the spike

The spike is a temporary holding place for text cut from the document. Use Ctrl+F3 to feature text to the spike, or Ctrl+Shift+F3 to stick it. On the Insert tab, open the short elements menu (above the Text heading), then choose AutoText to look at the spike’s current contents.


Now that you simply recognize the best MS Word hidden features. You can use them for your daily tasks. Ensure that you’re following the proper path so as to induce the feature to execute for you. It’s additionally necessary that you’ve got the updated version of MS Word.

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