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January 5, 2018
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Best Free Call Identification Apps For Android

Sick and bored with unknown callers hammer away at your privacy? The bulk of such calls originate from industrial entities — not friends or loved ones. But how does one recognize the distinction between a telemarketer and a family member? Easy. Get Call Identification app.

Call Identification Apps determine callers in real time. Which means the application checks the information of the incoming call in a database of telemarketers and scammers. They suffer from serious privacy problems — however, If you aren’t involved or want to grasp a lot of, read on.

What are call Identification Apps?

Call Identification apps or commonly named as caller ID apps, are those that show the name of the person calling you. These apps offer you the availability to block any unidentified number and even mark them as spam.

In this article, we are listing down best free call Identification Apps for Android. Which can take care of all the unidentified calls and keep you off from the frustration. So, let’s discuss them one by one.

TrueCaller: Caller ID, SMS spam blocking & Dialer

TrueCaller Caller ID, SMS spam blocking & DialerTruecaller comes in dead last in privacy, however, 1st in accuracy. Its benefits include superior style, nice practicality, and high identification accuracy. Overall, it will specify what it claims to do: identify unknown callers. On top of that, Truecaller even offers iOS compatibility. However, Truecaller comes with a price: your privacy.

  • Dialer replacement: Truecaller also can replace the baked-in Android dialer, providing you with a one-stop shop for making calls.
  • Call and text filtering: Like most of the other apps, TrueCaller permits you to blacklist certain callers or texters. Numbers on the blacklist get auto-blocked — this is unbelievably handy for calls from telemarketers, scam artists, and different irritants.
  • Highly configurable: You can tweak Truecaller during a ton of the way. Most significantly, it will by selection block unknown callers. Most telemarketers use ID-blocking.
  • Block call spammers: TrueCaller keeps a information on telemarketers. You’ll automatically take this list and — with none effort — block all one amongst them.
  • Aesthetically appealing: nice trying app! TrueCaller encompasses a slick, easy-to-use interface.
    Number removal: Truecaller purportedly permits users to get rid of their data from their information.

Hiya – Caller ID & Block

Hiya – Caller ID & BlockYet another admired app is Hiya. It’s a totally ad-free app that comes with ample features and is simple to use. Hiya is a caller ID app that simply identifies real calls and blocks text messages and numbers.

Hiya has a information of many phone numbers and its key options include call block, blacklist unwanted messages and phone numbers, spam alerts, reverse phone search.

Caller ID, Dialer, Phone & Contacts by Simpler

Caller ID, Dialer, Phone & Contacts by SimplerThis is again associate the awesome app with a clean and neat style. it is power-packed with options like spam block, caller ID, smart contacts search, call log history and ample stunning themes. all these options make it an incomparable favourite app for users.

Caller ID app is available in 15 languages that makes it even additional usable for folks across the world.

Whoscall – Caller ID & Block

Whoscall – Caller ID & BlockOne more app that deserves to be in top 5 call identification apps is Whoscall. With Whoscall you can simply establish unknown numbers and text messages even once they aren’t on our contact list. Simple blocking of unidentified numbers is feasible with Whoscall.

It has a information of 600 million users and permits block of spam, unwanted, marketing calls and bot calls.

True Phone Dialer & Contacts

True Phone Dialer & ContactsA replacement for stock dialer & contacts app, True Phone Dialer provides you with the edge dialling experience. It comes with complete support for contact management for Android. It is simple to use and totally customizable app that offers users easy access. Users will simply access calls, contact, favourites and groups.

Let’s you save precious space by avoiding unwanted information and is even the quickest amongst all the display apps. It’s one hand navigation feature makes it simple to use and the built-in theme manager makes it distinctive and attractive.


Receiving spam calls is usually annoying and it’s always suggested to own a call Identification app. It saves you both time and cash. we hope that with these top 8 free call identification apps, you’ll be able to make your selection and download the one that suits you best.

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