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Must Have Health Android Apps For in 2018
January 1, 2018
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January 8, 2018
Best Android Keyboard Apps in 2018

For many folks, the default keyboard that comes with their devices is passable. It’s sometimes either the stock Android keyboard or the OEM keyboard from Samsung, LG, etc. However, those aren’t your only choices. There is a range of third-party keyboard apps for Android that has all types of features. Some focus additionally on fun and customization. Others concentrate on higher typewriting. Some even do both! Let’s take a glance at the best Android keyboard apps!

Best Android Keyboard Apps

Swiftkey Keyboard

swiftkey keyboardFirst in the list of best Android keyboard apps is Swiftkey. The application is leading the list of best keyboard apps from previous few years. It’s celebrated for its cool style and for its compatibility with multiple languages. Swiftkey is currently having floating keyboard style. Which allow you to drag the keyboard anyplace on the screen and may squeeze it or expand it as per your convenience. The Keyboard offers you personal predictions for emojis and words.

Gboard – the Google Keyboard

Gboard – the Google KeyboardGboard is Google’s official stock keyboard. It comes with lots of the essential options like auto-correction, multi-lingual typewriting, and numerous customization options. Its claim to fame, though, is that Google Search is inbuilt. Means you’ll conduct searches while not going away the keyboard area. There’s also a GIF search, voice typewriting, and Google Translate. Google adds options to the current keyboard on a reasonably frequent basis. it is a powerful keyboard. the simplest part is that it is also all free to use with no in-app purchases.

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Fleksy KeyboardFleksy is one amongst the most in style android keyboards. It options all of the fundamentals, together with swipe and gesture controls, web search, GIF and meme support, themes, extensions, and more. a number of the themes are free. However, many price money also. Thankfully, they are not too overpriced. Fleksy future is a bit unknown. Pinterest bought the company and took the developers. However, another startup began development on the app once more. Currently, Thingthing develops the app whereas the first Fleksy team works for Pinterest. It’s confusing, however it is not a huge deal. The keyboard continues to be specific.

Go Keyboard

Go KeyboardAnother fancy keyboard app for Android is Go Keyboard. Doubtless, the application is loaded with some lovely themes and emojis however you’ll manage some annoying adds. With 10000+ themes and 1600+ emojis. The application is first love for those that like to text lots from their device. You’ll simply send Gifs and may set wallpapers as your keyboard background. Go and grab this application from the given link.

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Touchpal Keyboard

Touchpal KeyboardNext best android keyboard app is the Touchpal keyboard. On the app you’ll play with some funky fonts are very a good technique to through a bearing over the receiver. On this application, you’ll set a live theme within the background of your keyboard which provides your typewriting life and creates it fun for you.


We hope this list of best android keyboard Apps can build it easier for you to settle on a third party keyboard for your android device. Maybe in 201, we will see some more revolutionary keyboards or some revolutionary updates in existing ones.

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