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November 28, 2017
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There are lots of valid reasons why somebody would need to run Android emulator on their computer. App developers are also trying to check their application before shipping it out. Gamers might want to use a mouse and keyboard in their games. Perhaps you simply wish it there to possess it. You can install any on Android emulator on your pc.

List of Best Android Emulator for PC in 2017

As there are a lot of Android emulator available online. Here we listed best of them.


AMIDuOS Android Emulator

AMIDuOS is 1st in our summary and this can be one of the newest android emulators for a computer. This one comes in two themes: Lollipop and jelly bean. Besides the form type, the opposite main distinction between the two is jelly bean prices $10 whereas Lollipop prices $15. luckily, these are only one-time charges. AMIDuOS runs very well for various functions. The larger a part of its parts area unit productivity based mostly that creates it an honest selection for the people who need to utilize it for things like office, homework, and the likes.

Android’s Studio Emulator

Android StudioAndroid Studio is the Google-approved development IDE for Android. It comes with a bunch of tools to assist developers to build apps and games specifically for Android. because it seems, there’s additionally an inbuilt emulator that you just will use to check out your app or game. Clearly, this is often not a decent possibility for those wanting to use it as a consumer level. However, those developing apps do have already got a strong (and free) tool at their disposal to assist take a look at their apps. it is a pain in the neck to set up, however, it’s easier to use once you are doing.


BluestacksBlueStacks is one in every of the most widely used android somebody for Windows. It comes for free but simply in Specific Regions. It offers straightforward One-trick institution on the Windows System (Split-online installer and additionally disconnected installer is accessible). Effectively introduce outsider apks or android applications by simply double tapping on the apk documents.


Andy Android EmulatorAndy is another free android emulator app that runs just about the complete gamut of Android experience. that creates it nicely as a productivity targeted emulator though it will play games yet. In any case, it’s free and it will work terribly well!

Remix OS Player

Remix-OS-Player-Adnroid-EmulatorRemix OS Player is a free android emulator for Windows in sight of android marshmallow. Before introducing Remix OS Player, please observe of that it doesn’t support some AMD chipsets and moreover needs “Virtualisation Technology” authorized in your BIOS.


Windroy works similar to the different android emulator on this summary, but it’s something further normal, it altogether runs utilizing the Windows portion. Windroy is probably the only emulator to use on this list, due to its light-weight interface style.


Memu PlayMEmu is another of the up and coming back mechanical man emulators that looks to try to to quite well. one amongst its biggest options is support for each AMD and Intel chipsets. that is rarer than you’d assume. to boot, it supports android jelly bean, Kit Kat, and Lollipop. you’ll be able to even run multiple instances directly. that produces it one of the few emulators that goes as high as Lollipop. Like many, you can use this for just about no matter you would like. it will support most games and most apps. However, we tend to suggest it largely for productivity. It’s liberal to transfer and use if you wish to.


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