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Best Alternative Browsers to Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world with over 60% of current market share. It’s easy, offers powerful options and quick browsing, making it the 1st alternative for many. However, that doesn’t mean it’s excellent and might satisfy needs of everybody. There are plenty of alternative browsers out there on the internet with options that even Chrome doesn’t provide.

Why choose Chrome Alternative Browsers?

Chrome is also notable for memory hogging and uses RAM over several different browsers. Although Google created some changes within the latest update to create it more memory efficient by not loading un-required tabs, however, that also doesn’t solve the overall performance issue. thus if you’re on the somewhat older computer or prefer to open plenty of active tabs, you may have somewhat downside with Chrome.

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The Google Chrome Alternative Browsers?

Whatever the reason is, if you’re trying to undertake some Google Chrome alternative browser, then we are here to assist. Today, we’ll list the most effective alternatives to Google Chrome, you only have to be compelled to choose the one that suits your wants best.

Mozilla Firefox

mozilla firefoxFirefox undoubtedly deserves the primary mention because of its wonderful features and light-weight. Apart from being resource friendly, Firefox additionally offers similar options to Chrome creating it an excellent different to that. You can open numerous tabs as compared to chrome and keep all active at a similar time.

Furthermore, it additionally protects your privacy by providing you customizable privacy choices. all of your knowledge is encrypted to safeguard it from being seen by anyone, and you can simply customise your privacy settings to only reveal data that you need to reveal. Although it would not be excellent at activity all of your personal info, however, it will an excellent job as compared to Chrome (you would possibly ought to tweaks some settings, however).

When you restart your browser, it additionally keeps all the tabs closed using no resources unless you navigate to them. Mozilla Firefox will have support extensions and plugins which might be downloaded from its official add-ons web site. Here are a number of the simplest Firefox Extensions you need to think about putting in.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Android.



opera logoOpera browser is one among the oldest browser that continuously comes up with fascinating and innovative features and never lets anyone steal its throne. It allows you to in private browse your content in an incognito tab without going away a trace on your device.

This browser also has speed dial layout feature that allows you to access your recently visited websites in a grid format, which might be effortlessly customizable in keeping with your preferences. Like Google Chrome, Opera also comes with built-in ad blocker facility that quickly loads the search results quicker with none interruption.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows, Android, Mac, and Symbian.



maxthon browserMaxthon is simply a regular browser with features like Firefox and Chrome. What makes it worth a mention is its cloud storage and compatibility. it’s designed to confirm that your whole browsing expertise is synced all time on all of your devices.

All your browsing history, cookies and cache can forever keep synced using Maxthon’s cloud storage service. you’ll additionally simply share data along with your alternative devices with just a few clicks. as an example, you’ll choose an image on the online and share it on the cloud storage to share with all of your devices.

Furthermore, you can additionally open up cloud tabs, that synchronise with all of your alternative devices in real-time. This means, you’ll access and management a tab opened on your computer along with your smartphone.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Linux.


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a quick, safe and default browser on Windows 10 that is replacing web explorer because of the default browser on its shelves. The browser is designed to grant you comfort and helps you to concentrate on the content.

microsoft edge

Microsoft Edge comes with an inherent personal assistant feature that helps you to search any data whereas performing on the other website. It helps you to manage your frequently visited sites in one place. In fact, you’ll be able to use the hub for the fast visit to recent downloads and history.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows 10

Comodo Dragon

ComodoDragonComodo Dragon is a browser offered by web security company named Comodo. Therefore the best you’ll expect from this browser is all-in-all safety features. This browser is additionally based on chromium, therefore you may have the similar expertise to Chrome. However, its security features are much better than Chrome.

It has the choice to route all of your traffic from its secure DNS servers. Before loading a page, it’ll scan the page to ensure it’s freed from any malware or different such harmful information. You may even have full management of your Privacy and you’ll be able to even block content which will compromise your privacy.

The Chrome extensions will work on Comodo Dragon. you’ll be able to transfer one from the extension’s official website or search and install from among the browser in facet the Extensions settings.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux


Here are the best alternative browsers for those who don’t want to use Google Chrome. If you have any suggestion regarding this, you can comment on this post.

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