Best 5 Cloud Storage Services in 2017

Cloud storage is a cloud computing model in which data is stored on remote servers. Which can be accessed from the web. It is maintained, operated and managed by a cloud storage service supplier on storage servers. This area unit designed on virtualization techniques.

Cloud storage is additionally referred to as utility storage – a term subject to differentiation supported actual implementation and repair delivery. In this post, I introduce you best cloud storage services, which have a boom in 2017.

Best 5 Cloud Storage Services:


dropbox-logoThe grandfather of cloud storage, Dropbox offers a rather miserable 2GB of free storage. However, this will be raised up to 16GB freed from the charge by linking your Dropbox to social media and referring friends to join the service.

Dropbox Business subscriptions enable users to collaborate on work also as giving everybody unlimited space during a personal Dropbox account. There also are increased options for file recovery and versioning. Business evaluation starts from around $12.50 per user per month (£10, around AU$16.50). Otherwise, you will provide it with a choice free with a 30-day trial.

Price: 2GB free. 1TB for $10 a month with Dropbox plus.

Google Drive

Google-DriveGoogle Drive is a natural selection for owners of Android devices as it’s already integrated, however, users of different platforms could appreciate the generous free storage too. You’ll be able to additionally store high definition photos on your mobile with companion app Google Photos, and creative use of Google’s own workplace suite (now called G Suite).

Downsides include the actual fact that the online interface is not easy-to-use, though Windows and Mac users will transfer a desktop app to drag-and-drop files simply.

Price: 15GB free. 100GB for $1.99 a month. 1TB for $9.99 a month.


icloudIf you wish to keep a copy your iPhone to iCloud, you’ll have the free 5GB allowance Apple provides you, however, compared to rivals iCloud costs are terribly affordable.

The mac Finder app integrates iCloud Drive, wherever you’ll store any files you would like. Documents created within the iWork workplace suite are saved to iCloud and might set across your devices. Windows users may also set their files with iCloud Drive victimization the official consumer, and access the iWork apps on the iCloud website.

Price: 5GB free. 50GB for $0.99 a month . 200GB for $3.99.


mega_logoWith an insanely generous free tier and a straightforward drag-and-drop interface, New Zealand-based Mega is one in all the cloud storage heavyweights. there is a handy mobile app to permit you to transfer files and photos, also as synchronize clients with desktop machines.

Mega claims that each one data hold on in its cloud is encrypted on your device before it reaches the firm’s servers. because the company has released the source code to its synchronize consumer, experts will confirm there are not any vulnerabilities.

Price: 50GB free. 200GB for €4.99 a month.


OneDrive logoOneDrive, also known as SkyDrive before, is integrated into Windows 10’s file explorer. you do not need to download a further app – it’s there to use out of the box, which is clearly very convenient for people who have created the jump to Microsoft’s newest OS.

Microsoft’s Photos app may also use OneDrive to synchronize photos across all of your devices. there is an app for Android and iOS devices, and there is even one in the App Store for Mac users (although it has received mixed reviews).

Price: 5GB free. 50GB for $1.99 a month (£1.99, around AU$2.50)


There are many cloud storage services. Sometimes it’s hard to find out which one the best for you. May this post help you determine it. You can choose cloud services as per your requirements. If you like this post or have a query related to cloud storage, you can ask me in the comment section.

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