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October 15, 2020
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Google Trends is a useful tool to conduct comparative search terms. It collects data from Google Searches and allows users to analyze the volume of search terms. It also gives knowledge of the frequency with which a particular keyword is searched for in Google’s search engine compared to the site’s overall search volume over a specific amount of time. The data obtained from Google Trends are sorted in real-time to make it in a uniform format.

Google Trends was initially used to study and collect the interest of users in different topics or areas. It then evolved into a tool for the use of big data, such as assessing the public’s reaction to events in real-time or other news events in the immediate future.

The tool has also changed how different kinds of studies are conducted. It will continue to help users to organize the data they collect to benefit themselves. With Google Trends, users can monitor trends in social attitudes, political topics and sports, entertainment, and other fields relevant to their particular interests.

To gain more and more popularity and search appearance, Google Trends can be beneficial. Google Trends highly support SEO.

Here in this blog, we will discuss 5 ways to use Google Trends for SEO so that you can gain more organic and genuine traffic. So let’s get started:

Top 5 Ways how Google Trends help SEO

Here are the top 5 ways through which Google Trends benefit SEO:


1.    Go with Keyword Research

Google Trends lets you find a keyword’s trending volumes for any particular time period.

This helps in SEO as identifying keywords that are becoming more popular is a way to stay ahead of your competitors. Ultimately it will allow you to create articles using relevant keywords that people are actually looking for.

For example, if you’re using an online tool for keyword research, such as AHREFs or any other, you’ll only get the number of searches. However, using Google Trends, you’ll also be capable of predicting the performance of a keyword soon.

Similar to that, Google Trends will help you stay clear of keywords that are not trending well.

You can also use it to determine seasonal keywords. Seasonal Keywords are the ones that increase in the quarterly pattern. You may want to focus on specific keywords. However, it’s always beneficial to know them apart from other trend-setters.

2.    Finding Related Keywords with keyword planner

Keyword suggestions are another great feature of Google Trends. If you have your primary keyword in mind, you can search, then go until you reach the “Related Queries” table. It will show keywords with the term you’re searching for and display them in order of volume and search results. Both do a large quantity of heavy market research.

Keyword planning is important for SEO because you may lose viewers if you are not using the correct keywords. Also, Google will not be able to show your webpage for any particular query. Google Trends makes keyword planning much easier and helps you appear in the top search results.

3.    Get More Advanced with Specific Search Options

Google Trends helps you search things and queries in an advanced manner. It has even more than arrows to choose from, with five more choices.

  • “Web Search (Default)”
  • “Image Search”
  • “News Search”
  • “Google Shopping”
  • “YouTube Search”

If you use these terms to search and get solutions to your queries, you will save time and effort. For example: if you are searching videos only, you can select the videos section. You will be able to see the results of videos only.

The same case is applicable for google shopping. If you want to shop for something and you cannot find suitable shopping options, select the shopping option and get shortlisted searches of shopping websites only.

4.    Target by Location

If you own a local business that services certain areas in India, you should check out “Interest through subregions.” This tool shows the trends in keywords across cities, states, and subregions.

The most casual usage of Google Trends will focus exclusively on the keywords.

To get the most effective outcomes, you’ll need to include location in the mix.

Using local keywords to determine the subregions and regions that need your services or products allows you to be precisely targeted by the SEO strategy.

The ability to filter location allows you to narrow down the geographical regions that are most in-demand for your goods or services.

5.    Use Long-Tail Key Phrases to Inspire Content

The ability to rank in the top results of any search query for any business isn’t an easy task. But it does not mean you cannot appear in the top searches. The Use of Longtail key phrases will help you appear for a longer period until the particular search query is being searched.

How does it work?

People usually search queries rather than simple keywords. For example, Dresses under rs 2000 for women are searched instead of dresses under rs 2000. Using long-tail phrases will make your content more engaging, and google will also consider it for its search results.


Google Trends highly influence SEO, and if you want to include a useful SEO in your business, you must use Google Trends. It is not limited to the tools mentioned above, and google trends are much more than these features. Explore it and work smartly.

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