5 Free Tools for Rookie Bloggers in 2022
May 24, 2022
digital marketing

In this new age, making a digital website is not only good enough to run a digital
business, it is a continuous improvement of marketing strategies and providing hassle
free experience to their customers. More features and efforts are needed to get
consumers attention as it is pretty easy to loose hold on existing customers.
Developing a unique strategy that creates a difference between you and other
competitors is necessary. Here listed down some of the ways you would definitely find
useful in making your digital marketing efforts successful.

1)Adding bots on websites

Using new technologies will not only attract consumers but also reduce any human efforts by
making tasks run on automations. Chat bots are quite common in marketing websites, these
bots can take queries of visitors and provide answers to them making a human-like interaction.
These bots can be personalized to make consumers feel more interactive and with having user
data these bots can even provide more accurate suggestions of products to consumers. Some
bots can even enhance the look of a website and better the user experience while making
navigation on the website user friendly.

2)Making websites SEO optimized

Majority of users do not pass the first page of search results so it is important to make a website
that is SEO optimized as it will boost its chance of getting a higher ranking in organic
search.These optimized websites are more likely to be indexed at the top in every search
engine and will pop up when users search a related keyword to your digital marketing website.
A perfectly executed SEO technique can skyrocket the performance of a digital marketing

3) Implementing Email marketing strategy

Emails are by far considered the best way to deliver product information to your consumer .
These mails can be sent in bulk to customers to grab their attention and the best part about the
email marketing is its effective cost . Having a pre generated consumer database helps in
delivering the right kind of product information directly to the inbox of consumers which might
create interest in them. Personalized emails are far better in getting the attention of consumers
than a random pop up ad. Sending reminders about the product they added in cart or discounts
running on that product these similar information containing emails helps in boosting the sale

4) Video Marketing

Video marketing is getting really popular among audiences and it is not considered a choice
now. Making interactive short videos helps your products ideas in a way that grasps more
attention. The pros of video marketing are many as the same videos can be used in multiple
platforms and can also be embedded in digital marketing websites. Big social media platforms
like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat do support these kinds of videos on their
platform. These video marketing bring a new neeche of customer to be attracted by seeing
these video marketing content on these giant social media platforms.

5) Making mobile compatible website

Nowadays people tend to lean more towards their phone more so having a marketing website
that has better responsive design for mobile is a plus plus. Adding more features could slow
down the performance on small screen sizes so the mobile website should be designed
accordingly so all information could be accommodated and the loading speed of the website
does not get impacted due to these features.

6) Embedding AI Tools

Artificial intelligence not only eases the user but also the marketing company as well. Filtering AI
tools helps in easing the user to search between certain category and price ratings and select
between the products.Tools like voice search helps in making user experience better as rather
than typing, visitors can search by just voice. Similar tools which search products from images
that help users find the exact product they were looking for. These AI tools can be embedded in
websites at no cost. Making searching easier will certainly make your sales increase in

7) Influencer Marketing

For making your digital marketing website popular among people it is important for it be
promoted from different sources and the most effective way is to make a good impression and
buzz about your marketing website by a popular personality who have a decent amount of
following on different social media platform and can influence his followers to reach out to your
website and buy products. These promotions are paid and could be in the form of small videos
or a social media post that could bring a huge traffic of visitors to your website.

8)Presence on social media platforms

Having a decent presence on these popular social media platforms gives a boost to your
marketing website. It not only makes people aware about your work but also provides you an
opportunity to showcase your products as a kind of advertisement for free to a large number of
viewers. These provide consumer feedback about your website and products and also a direct
way of interacting with your consumer and resolving their queries.

9) Implement right marketing tools

Using technology to automate tasks will save up some time and capital and also return with
accurate execution of tasks. Work like email automation can be done fast using tools like
Lemlist and Moodsend which makes email marketing hassle free while tools like Clearscope
and SEMrush allows you to search for trending keywords to improve ranking of your website.

10)Having an eye on analytics

Analytics tools provide you the real time feedback of how your website is performing and pros
and cons about it so these should never be ignored as small changes suggested by analytics
could possibly boost visitors count on any website. Analytical tools like Google analytics and
SEMrush provides some solutions to these problems

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